Friday, December 28, 2012

After hearing a "tone" in Arden's voice I asked her if she was talking sweet or mean. She gave me the squinted eyebrow look and said "Mama, I am talking serious".

Me: "I am a little upset that yall weren't very good in that store. Yall said before we went in that you would be good." Arden: "well I thought about being good but then I changed my mind." :)
Tonight while saying our prayers Cash says "Mama you know what we can do for Papa? We can lower him down the roof like those men did their friend that couldn't walk and Jesus touched him and he walked. If Jesus could touch Papa's face it would get all better". I cried. Faith like a child my friends, we should all have faith like a child. 

Tonight Arden was playing with some breakable stuff and when I told her to stop she said, "well you shouldn't have put it here and then told me not to mess with it". She has a good point and she definitely is an Ard with that sarcasm.

Arden just picked up a bag of peanuts at the baseball game. When I asked her if she had any money she said, "no lets use yours"! I think she must have heard me tell P-Daddy that before.

Me: "Arden come on lets run up to the church". Arden: "we aren't gonna take the car"? Me:"yes we are taking the car" Arden "so we aren't running then,". She is only 3, lots of fun years ahead. :)

Conversation I had with my daddy tonight.Me: "I registered Cash for kindergarten today."PA: "That's ridiculous".Me: "I am only sending him half days".PA: "That's even more ridiculous. That messes his entire week up. Why don't you just send him all day Monday and all day Tuesday and be done with it. Even better why don't you just send him out here and I will teach him".It makes sense to me too Daddy :)

Arden,"Mama tonight we gonna pray for Ms. Brandi". Me, "ok that's sweet, let's pray for Gigi too, she has a cold". Arden "we need to pray for Papa too, he has a hot". I love this child! 

Arden's humor

Arden just finished eating some spagetti, the chef boyardi kind.  When she finished she came running in with another container of the beeforoni variation.  I told her, you can't eat that too because your tummy is full.  She said in the funniest little voice, "she wants it.  you hear her".  "Who" I asked, "my tummy, you hear her saying she wants to eat that"!

Start Praying...

Last summer on our cruise we bought a play set of the cruise ship, one of the things in the set was a toy cruise ship just like ours.  Arden was just playing with and Cash proudly announced, "Arden you see those orange things on the sides(the life boats) those are for if the ship starts crashing.  You get on those and start praying to God."

Friday, May 4, 2012

When the blog is silent it means that our life is NOT!! I just read that quote on another blog and I thought how true it is!! Here is the thing, I have LOTS to catch up on but I prefer to blog early in the mornings before anyone wake up, when the house is quiet and my brain is clear(er).  But that is also the time that I like to spend with my God so I haven't been blogging very much.  I want to, I get upset when I think there are things I am forgetting, I have actually saved several drafts to post, when I finally do post them they will not make sense because they will be out of sequence.  But since I only have 31 followers I like to believe they are all smart enough to figure that out :).  Today may be a blog day but then again it may not. We shall see.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our First Disney Vacation

I have never been to Disney World and never really wanted to go until about six months ago. I decided I wanted to take Cash before he started kindergarten in August.  I knew I didn't want to go in the summer or during any time that is considered peak season.  After a little disney research and the conclusion that I was not taking Arden, we booked our trip.  Alese had school and Arden I thought was maybe to young to go so it was a special birthday trip for Cash. Wrong! :) One of my close friends came to me and said, "I went to Disney in October, we took all boys and all we talked about was how much fun Disney would be with a little girl.  It is so magical and you are going to sad when you get there if you don't take Arden with you."  Oh she was so right, we decided to take Arden with us, good thing too because I would have cried once I got there if my little princess wasn't there!!

Kids have a certain "magic" about them until a certain age.  When they are in awe of every thing, they still believe in princesses, pirates, Santa Clause etc....and Disney World is the PERFECT place to take kids during the "magical years".  We stayed six days and I would have stayed longer, I LOVED it, it was the best vacation as a mother ever.  Cash and Arden had so much fun and so did me and Master P.  We are already planning another trip back, we talk about it weekly.  It is an expensive vacation even in the "off season", we went January 8th, PERFECT weather and the crowds were thin and when we go back, it will be in January again.  I am already saving money and get sad every time I see a Disney commercial because I want to go back NOW! ha.  I am so thankful to God for a wonderful family vacation, for great weather and good health of my family!! Here are some pictures, I will choose some favorites since I took 400! :)
All of us in our matching shirts! Daddy wouldn't wear his the same  day. He is no fun!

I can't tell you how much my kids LOVED the characters.  Cash could not care less about the princesses but his face LIT up when he saw any of the other ones!

Look at these smiles!!

This is how Arden greeted all the princesses!! She hugged them so big and tight and didn't want to let go. It was so precious!

Princess Kiss!

Cash loved the Country Bear Jamboree

I look at these pictures every week to see these big smiles!!!

It took a little while before I actually heard the announcement  not to take flash photos on the rides.  OOPS!

Arden about to made up like a princess!!


Ohhh i love cotton candy!!

A girl can not travel without here bows!

Pluto was Cash's favorite!

Snow White was Arden's favorite!

Cash being transformed into a Pirate!!

Captain Jack Sparrow, mama liked him!! He was easy on the eyes!

These kids put in 12 hour days, more on some days with no resting or naps. You can only do this in Disney! :)

I loved this one.  Goofy holding up Arden's Samba doll like they do in the LIon King!