Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh the things she says and does...

She being Arden of course, aka: sugar plum, sugar britches, little girl and BOSSY BRITCHES!  I haven't blogged in a week or two for one  my computer has been on the blink and ended up in the shop and for two I feel like I have been running in circles since  Christmas!  I have found that I barely have time in the day to do normal things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, chasing two toddlers etc etc etc... I guess I am not good at time management but also the things that I would like to make time for are things that just seem totally impossible to do with two little ones in the house.  I would love to sew more, I cut out a pattern three days ago and haven't touched it since! ha  oh well, they are only little once and as frustrating as some days can be I truly am humbled and honored to be their mommy.  Even if it means sacrificing "me" stuff.  It's worth it.

So Arden has proven she carries the "Ard humor gene" too.  Earlier in the week Cash announced to me that Arden was changing her diaper.  Puzzled by what he was talking about I stuck my head into the living room to see my sweet girl laying naked from her waist down on the floor.  Her wet diaper was lying next to her, she had actually placed the new diaper under her boohiney just has it was supposed to be and was attempting to fasten the tabs.  When she saw me looking at her she said "I gone do it by meself".  Hallelujah praise Jesus, it is about time!! I am thrilled to turn over diaper duty to Arden!!  Whew! One less thing for me to do! I sure hope she potty trains herself.

Last night on the way to church Cash was talking and talking telling me all kinds of "stories" that he was making up as he went along.  I guess Arden realized she wasn't going to get a word in because he wasn't letting up and so all of sudden she yelled at him "Put a sock in it Cash"!  I am sure you are all wondering where she heard that from and it was me!  That is what I say to Cash when he starts melting down and whining.

And drum roll more paci!!  It was SO much easier than I had thought it would be.  She turned 2 in November and taking it before then was not a big issue for us.  However one thing rolled right into another and it just hasn't happened until now.  First it was deer hunting, as much as Patrick would have loved for me to take it away while he was on one of his extended hunting trips I was not about to do that.  I didn't want to suffer through that all by myself.  She ended up spending the night with Uncle Jason and lost it.  When it was time for bed he told her that Ugly Puppy got it and she slept without it all night.  She then went on the entire next day without it so when I picked her up she had gone 30+ hours without it so that was it for me.  She was pretty fussy the first day back home but has done great! Much better than I thought because this baby LOVED her paci!!  I am thinking of taking up the habit for myself, maybe it will soothe me when I am on overload. .

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cash Turns 4 on the Farm

My baby boy turned 4 on January 6 and bless his little heart I had to pick him up early from preschool because he wasn't feeling good.  It only took a few hours until the little guy was for sure sick!  He had a combo; flu/stomach bug! I know, jealous!! ha   It was tough on him because the stomach bug hung out for 7 solid days.  We had to reschedule his birthday party because of this and we finally got to have it this past weekend, the 15th at Papa and Gigi's farm.  I must admit (and brag if I may since this is my blog) it was the best birthday party by far that we have done.  Tons of fun, it lasted about 5 hours if that tells you how fun it was.  A very special thank you to Papa, Gigi and Jason for helping it to be such a big hit for everyone!

We started by grubbing out on home made chili, hot dogs, rotel, corn dip, tractor cookies from Janie's Pastry (man I miss that place), Shrimp and Crab Bisque and celery with home made pimiento cheese (Cash's request).  By the looks of it, we had a small, tasty feast (none of which I can eat, that's another depressing blog entry) and then Cash opened all of his wonderful gifts!!  Then we were on to the cake!  Even though I was not supposed to have any of this, I did.  I can never turn down a chocolate cake from Tara's Cakes!  It was beautiful and as always delicious.  Cash had "magic" candles to blow out, it took about five times so I am sure that everyone enjoyed the "extra sweetness" from all the spit he  spewed on top of the cake! :)!

Then came the farm festivities!  We started off with a chilly hay ride around the "block" then back to the house to roast marshmallows and warm up.  Everyone enjoyed the marshmallows that were slung in their hair, on their jackets etc.... It was an eventful marshmallow roast and after we all got our tummies full we headed to the barn to feed the baby calves.  About this time is when my cousin Shane showed  up with another present for Cash.  The only difference in this present was the fact that it had a heartbeat!!! Shane raises rabbits and he brought Cash a lion head rabbit for his present.  Cash named him Tipsy and fell in love with him right away.  I am looking forward to seeing who gets the responsibility of taking care of Tipsy! :)  Ha I am gonna go out on a limb and say it will be me! :) 

The party was so much fun, a special thanks to everyone that made the trip out to the farm to celebrate with us!!!

I will mention here that I love traditions, I love starting traditions with my children.  Every year on their birthday since Cash's first birthday I write them a birthday letter.  Of course I know they can't read but I write it just the same.  I put them up in their baby books for them to have and hopefully cherish one day when they are older.  I also wanted to start a collection for them, something that I could do for them that would special because it was just between me and them.  I knew when Cash was very little that I wanted to start him a collection of pocket knives.  He loves them and wishes he could play with them now but of course I have them put up for safe keeping.  So far I have only given him "Case" knives because there is a wonderful knife shop in Purvis that carries TONS of Case knives so that is what we always end up with.  Being that Cash loves the farm so much I have a feeling that he will get plenty of use out his knives one day! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today's Thought

Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it is exactly what it needed to be.  Don't think that you've lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.  And now is right on time. 

A little bit of sweetness along the way....

Either Cash or Arden one have been sick since last Thursday which makes mama pretty tired, irritable, teary eyed, anxious, heavy hearted etc... you get the idea.  So when one of them does  something so precious during a "sick stage" it makes it even more special to me because a sweet little reminder from my favorite people in the world are sometimes just what I need to be encouraged.  Yesterday Arden woke up from a long nap and as usual I went to get her from her crib except this time she didn't want me.  She was fussing a little and asking for Cash.  I could tell she didn't feel that great and all she wanted was her little buddy Cash.  So I carried her to the couch where ailing Cash was watching Berenstain Bears and told him that Arden was crying for him.  To that he said "come here Arden, you can lay with me and I will hold you".  Yep, that is good stuff right there and good for a Mama's heart!!

Today Arden wanted me to lay down with her and since she was running fever ( and only for that reason, not once did I really WANT to be forced to lay down) I gave in to her bossiness!  After a little time had passed Cash came in and said he wanted to lay with us.  So there I was in the middle of the two most precious things in my life and Arden reaches over pats my arm and says "you got your two babies mama".  Indeed I did!  Thank you Lord for these moments!! 

My sweet babies snuggling together!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unsuccessful Removal of "The Rump Radar"

You ever heard of the "rump radar"?  Probably not because my kids invented it.  I am hoping that somehow we can get rich off of its invention but so far, no checks are in the mail.  Here is the definition of a rump radar, it is my definition because MY kids invented it and since they are technically to young to fully explain what it is they have asked me to do it for them. 

It is a radar that detects a sitting/resting/exhausted rump ie.. MINE!!  The little people in this house have magically installed them in certain places around the house but they can't be seen by a grown ups eye.  Trust me I know, I have looked everywhere, tried to find them and flush them but I just can't find one.  This is how I know that they can only be seen by the little people.   They have been installed in my desk chair(the one that coincidentally sits in front of my computer), the dining room chair I use, my bed where I sometimes sit to fold clothes, the couches (where I ONLY sit to fold clothes, what housewife actually has time to just sit on the couch for no reason? Lord knows I don't) and the oddest place of all, the toilet seats.  This is how it works; I sit, 10 seconds pass and the radar (that I can't hear but the little people can) starts going off.  It doesn't matter what they are doing or if they are completely content, when they hear the radar they quickly come up with plan of attack!  "Mama is trying to fold clothes, eat something, check her email or heaven forbid do a little "business"(note the toilet seat radar), let's get her"!!!!  You all know what happens next, "mama I'm thirsty, I need a snack, I need you to hold me, I want to sit in your lap, read me this book, come to my room with me, when are you gonna get back on the floor and play tractors, mama I am playing farmer and I need you to be the cow again, can you come turn my light on etc etc etc......."  I mean jeez they are saying all this usually with a brand new FULL cup of milk and a dang snack in their hand!!!  Here is the kicker, they DO NOT CARE what I am doing, if I am am on my rear THEY NEED ME and this includes, drum roll please.......the potty!!!  These deranged little people not only will not allow me to fold a load of clothes in peace, they won't let me poop in peace either!!!  "I'm gonna sit in your lap while you potty Mama".  Really??  Why??? 

And this is why I hide in the closet to eat, it is the one place they haven't installed the radar.  Yet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pat O's piano bar! Think we were there about 6 hours, it's my favorite place in Nola.

James and Master P before the game

before the game

Me and Lil Mama aka Tina

Master P

All in a Day's Work....

This is how our morning started:  Cash wakes up (again) groaning with stomach pains and running to the bathroom.  Just as I predicted from last night's post, more turds!!  As he is doing his business with me on the stool in my assumed position I hear Arden calling from her crib, "mama I'm awake".  So I told Cash that I was going to get Arden, change her diaper and I would be back.  Cool!  Not so cool!  Just as I am getting Arden stripped down totally naked Cash starts yelling, "mama come back in here I need you"  Not wanting to leave either of them unattended in their current situations I had a choice to make.  Of course I made the stupid one.  I decided that since he was the one with pain I should leave sweet little sugar plum and go see about him.  I told her not to leave from where she was.  She didn't, smart girl, she just peed right where she was!!  GOOD MORNING from the James house!  :)

Some interesting things that happened around here today:

Arden announced that she pooped (or pooted, I wasn't sure what she said) and I was busy cooking supper.  When I looked over the counter Cash was saying "come here Arden let me see" as he was trying his hardest to pull her pants and diaper back so he could look down.  Finally he says "I don't see anything, let me smell you" as he takes a whiff of her little booty!!  "it's all clear mama"!!! hahahahahaha

Seems my last two posts have been about gross, bodily functions, which frightens me that this is what my life has come to.  I will try to not post any more about turds for at least two or three days.  What can I say I live a glamorous life.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Burning Ring of Fire

Most of you know that I am huge, sincere Johnny Cash fan. I don't know where my initial interest began, I've always liked his music since I was a child but my interest/love is much deeper than the music, it is in the man. I wrote two term papers on Johnny Cash in high school and began reading more books by him and about him and became intrigued. Most people know that Johnny Cash was the "Man in Black", that he struggled with drug addiction and that he loved June Carter. Most people also believe that he spent time in prison. That's not true. My love for this man grew as I learned more about the soul of the man. He loved all types of people, he was complex yet simple and he had a deep passion for God's word. I could write for hours about the studies he did in theology, the lives he touched and so on but I will just share this. Johnny Cash's last albums were produced by Rick Rubin (wikipedia him, it's worth it) an unlikely pair, as were a lot of Johnny's friendships; Bob Dylan, U2. Bono, the lead singer for U2 once said of John "he makes you want to know more about Christ without ever mentioning His name". WOW, isn't THAT in fact how it should be. Words are empty, actions are priceless!

John Schneider was a great friend of Johnny Cash as well and he appeared on Huckabee this weekend. BTW he is worth googling as well, what an amazing man he is. This is what he had to say about John:

The only time God made sense to me was seeing how a firm belief in God kept Johnny Cash together. It was the first time I saw Christianity not as a mamby-pamby religion. God became real to me with his religion. See, Johnny and his family loved The Dukes of Hazzard. When we did a movie for CBS, I got to know Johnny and June. Johnny asked, "Where you going to stay while you're in Nashville?" He said, "It's fine with me if you want to stay with us." I told him while he watched The Dukes of Hazzard, I watched his show in the late 60s. When it was happening it made sense, but when I look back it does feel pretty strange. Larry Gatlin lived there, Kris Kristofferson lived there. So Johnny was a collector of mutts at this point. I remember when I first walked in the door he was wearing a uncharacteristically white shirt. He said, "Welcome. If you treat the house like it's not yours, you're not welcome." Take that and his drug history and the wreck he pulled out of through grace of God and June Carter Cash

. A man with as many scars as he had. If a man like him can say there is a God, then there is a God. I never believed it from a pastor or a TV show, but I believed it from Johnny Cash

A day in the life............

So as most of you know I am a full time mommy now.  I left my job well over a year ago to stay home with the little people.  I must admit that I work harder now than I ever did, I just get to sometimes do it all day in my pajamas!  It is one of the perks, what can I say.  There is always some kind of chaos/madness going on around here, if one of the kids isn't pooping or peeing then the dog is.   Arden loves taking off her diaper and peeing on the floor, she especially loves to do it at the worst possible times.  But honestly, is there ever really a good time for that? I think not.  So the past five days Cash has been sick with the stomach bug, yes I said 5 days!!  So for 5 days, I have been in the bathroom with him, in all his glory!  He hasn't been puking so use your imagination.  The poor little guy has had the worst stomach cramps and it makes him feel better for me to be sitting on a stool so he can lay his head on my lap while he takes care of business!!  Glamorous job, no doubt. :)  So just as I am thinking that my "poop" duty is over, OH NO, Arden decides to poop in the tub tonight! Really?!  I mean haven't I had enough poop in my life the last few days.  To make it ever grosser, if that is even possible she has become the "turd inspector" around here.  I don't know why, I love to believe she totally gets that from her daddy but she wants to see every one's turds these days!!! GAG!  She was also proud to let me know, "mama I got some turds in my bath water"......UGHHHHH So as I thought my nightly duties were coming to an end I got to scrub the tub!!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds........more turds perhaps??

The "Oh Crap Cleanup"

So I just finished with the "oh crap cleanup"!! If you are wondering just what the heck that is then let me explain!  The "oh crap cleanup" is something that occurs in my house every single evening between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:00pm.  This is usually the general hours that Master P comes home from work, sometimes later, rarely earlier so "oh crap" hardly ever kicks in before 6:30.  Now all you parents of young children know these hours are usually ear marked for supper, bath, etc..... it is nearly impossible to throw in something extra but here at the James house I have managed to manage the extra "oh crap cleanup".  It is crucial to peaceful living so therefore it HAS to fit into the "schedule".  This is when I walk into the living room and for the first time since we woke up I realize that it looks like a BOMB was thrown in and that is very unlikely anyone survived!! OH CRAP, I better get this mess cleaned up STAT before Master P comes home and either flips his lid or falls and breaks his neck on one of the hundreds of pieces of debris from the earlier explosion!!!  This is when I break out the laundry baskets and start sorting the madness by whose room it goes to.  Whew!! Somehow I always (usually) manage to pull it off, sometimes barely but it gets done.  Master P must think I am the just the best little housewife alive! hahahahahahahaha..........  OH Crap he is home.....................

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cash's "Official, Professional" Haircut

So  most of you know that I am a licensed cosmetologist and although I don't practice anymore I have always kept my license current.  And I always will if no other reason than to buy products at the supply house.  So in telling you all that (so you can all start calling me to purchase your salon brand products, ha) I have always cut Master P's hair along with the kiddo's, or should I say those with enough hair to cut.  Cash started out with "wings", remember when a baby finally starts getting hair but it is horrible, scraggly looking?  Yep, you know what I mean, no hair in places, long "wings" in other places!?  I always cut Cash and Arden's off.  Speaking of poor sweet Arden, I have cut on her a few times to even it up but the poor baby still at 2 has very little hair.  She can barely keep an alligator clip bow in her hair but we still clip one in.  I am the mama that always said I would never be a bow mama and I am hear to admit, "My Name is Julie and I am a proud bow Mama".  So back to the point.  Cash has pretty much since he got hair had very curly hair.  Rings of curls and I have always cut his hair but in the last 3 or 4 months it has become less and less curly and more and more wavy and I have not been able to give him a style that I really like.  I decided to take him to my hairdresser and let her get a pattern going for me so that I can cut from here on out.  I got a little lip from some of you about "why are you taking him, you are perfectly capable of cutting his hair"? but hey, I honestly am not real worried about what everyone thinks! ha  So I took him and he loved it and now when it is time for another cut he may not want me to do it! ha ha.  Thanks Shasta for helping me out!!  Cash loved sitting up in that big chair!

Making Mama Proud

Presbyterian Christian High School

221 Bonhomie Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


Student: Alese James Date: 12/17/2010 Grade: 7

Term 1 Term 2 Sem 1 Exam Sem. 1 Term 3 Term 4 Sem 2 Exam Sem. 2 Final Attendance


7th Grade Rotation  P 

Mrs. Ventura

Bible  B+

Mr. Stanton

Choral Music  A+

Mrs. Stephenson

English 7  B-

Mr. Bonner

History 7 B
Mr. Powe

Mathematics 7 B-

Mrs. Bielstein

Science 7  A-

Mrs. McInnis

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Wow!! Christmas is such a special time of year but somehow no matter how hard I try it gets a little hectic!!  I am the girl who has most if not all of my shopping done by Thanksgiving and this year was no exception, in fact I had everything wrapped by Thanksgiving this year!!!  It's nuts I know but my kids are only in school two days a week and when they are out for the holidays I have no time unless I am paying a sitter so I just assume finish my shopping and hang out with them.  I started last year giving the kids a Hallmark ornament for Christmas.  I love starting collections for them, I am very sentimental and I hope when they are older it will be just as special to them as it is to me.  My tradition is to have their ornament wrapped so that they can open it the night we put the tree up.  It is always fun to see what they will think of what I chose for them.

Another tradition that we started last year was going to look at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  It was especially fun this year because the kids are at such a super fun age.  We always go to see the Lewis lights in Purvis which is just amazing! 

After the kids play with their Santa stuff we load up and head to the farm on Christmas afternoon to celebrate with the Ard's.  Can I just say crazy, fun, loud madness!!! hahahaha  My mama loves Christmas as much as I do and it shows at her house.  Excitement is bubbling over in the air at Papa and Gigi's house!!  It is tradition at the farm that before we open any gifts I read the "real" Christmas story to the kids, well actually everyone gathers around to hear about the birth of baby Jesus.  It is so fun to see what all the kids get and to see what their reactions are.

I know last year I blogged about this but one of my favorite traditions that me and mama do is when she hides money on the Christmas tree!  Every year she hides a $100 bill on an ornament and I have to search the tree and check all the ornaments until I find my money :)!!!  Maybe next year I will trick mama and hide something for her on her own tree. 

Needless to say Christmas wears me out, in fact our family has been away from home every weekend since Thanksgiving until this weekend and the only reason we are here now is because Cash is sick, otherwise we would be at the farm having his party.  I am worn out and tired of being in the car and am ready for a little break! :) 

family tradition, going to the Lewis lights on  Christmas Eve

Gotta love Santa on a John Deere

The Bearenstain Bears are our favorites!!

Cash and Arden leaving marshmallows out for the reindeer!!

Snow Village

more snow village

more snow village

i love our Christmas cards! I save them every year

Master P with his present from me, a picture of his PaPaw

Cash giving Ella a ride on his 4-wheeler!

Friday, January 7, 2011

James Family Christmas

So before I let Valentine's day sneak up on me and still no Christmas blog.......

Just imagine how many times these stairs were traveled by these kids

Cash man helping saw some firewood for the fire

Add caption

This is my favorite picture! I loved playing in leaves when I was a kid!

Aunt Sherri and Aunt Jeani helping with the making of the ornaments

Sweet cousins
The James family started a new tradition last year of doing a weekend of Christmas fun, everyone spending the night together, for the ENTIRE weekend.  That's right people, all the family, all weekend.  It's madness! :) ha  This year we rented two cabins at Yogi on the Lake in Pelahatchie, nice place, very beautiful and I would love to go back in the summer.  Besides Arden deciding to throw up all over everything and me on Friday night we had a great time.  I spent most of the Saturday morning in the laundry mat since I had only taken one set of sheets and 5 towels and the sweet little sugar princess used them all up.  We built a fire and roasted marshmallows and Sherri always brings a "craft" for the kids to do which is always cute little Christmas tree ornaments.  The cousins all had fun playing together,  I love seeing my children playing with their cousins on both sides of the family.  I have vivid memories of playing with my cousins growing up!!  I am still resting up from all the holiday nonsense, um I mean fun and travels but I will be ready to do it all again next year! :)