Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grins and Giggles

We are currently at the farm for Thanksgiving but I wanted to blog for a minute.  I have no pictures to upload right now but will when we get back home. 

I have noticed recently that which ever of the "little kids" (as I call them to separate them from Alese) wakes up first, always wants to wake up the other one.  Cash has been waking up first most recently and he gets ants in his pants wanting to wake her up.  He gets his trucks and tractors all laid out on the couch or table anticipating her waking to play with him.  I should probably add here that he is SERIOUS about his trucks, tractors and trailers! He sleeps with them, no joke!  But anyway when they see each other in the mornings they smile and laugh and hug and just love each other so much and it completely melts my heart.  Now don't get me wrong, it isn't always this way, they hit, pull hair, bite etc... but they love one another so much and I pray that is always that way!

Yesterday as I was getting things packed and loaded to come home for Thanksgiving, Arden decided to take off her diaper and clothes, as she often tries to do.  Before I knew she was doing it, she was naked, running through the house laughing.  Then Cash joins in on the nudeness!! :)  Seriously, was it big deal that the my 3 and 2 year old were playing naked, laughing and loving life? Not to me so I just let em go all day until time to leave!! :)  Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet Baby Arden

Arden loves playing chase, it's her new favorite game.  She would play all day if someone would chase her.  When she is ready to play she will quickly run up to me, grinning from ear to ear and say "boo boo I can't get me".  She doesn't really know it's nananabooboo you can't get me, but she has made it her own and it cracks me up and of course I always chase her!  :)

More Cashism's....Reader Discretion Advised

So before you read any further be warned, it is PG-13! :)

Today Cash came in the kitchen from the back yard and said, "Mama I got some mud on my rubber boots but I cleaned it off".  Of course I did not care one bit that he had mud on his boots but I asked him how he got mud on them basically just to engage in a conversation with him because he is so animated when he tells stories.  He begins his story as he always does, talking with his hands and using the word "well".  He said, "Well I got my boot stuck in a hole out there and I got it out.  But now my bike is stuck in the hole so I have to come in here and get a rope so I can pull my ass out"..............................WHAT!!  Now clearly I don't teach nor encourage my children to use curse words but CLEARLY this IS funny no matter who you are.  Doing my very best to keep a straight face I looked him and said "did you just say ass", and he so matter of fact grinned and said "yes ma'am".  So I told him that was a bad word and he couldn't use that word, he said "uh oh, is Jesus gonna put dirt in my mouth".  I have told him that when we say bad words Jesus puts dirt in our mouth but I explained to him that because Jesus loves him so much he will not get in trouble this time because he didn't know it was a bad word but next time Jesus would definitely be putting  dirt in his mouth. 

I can't imagine where he heard this but I will add that it is in fact common occurrence on the farm for someone to need their ass pulled out.......Just sayin......

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tonight Cash was playing with all of his trucks and tractors on the couch.  He had couch pillows piled all around him making fields, ditches etc... He is very serious about his trucks and tractors, he actually calls them his family! :) ha.  So Arden decided she wanted to play so she picked up one of his toys.  Cash looked at me so seriously, raised eyebrows and all and said "your little girl is messing with my stuff".  Not Arden, or my sister but "your little girl".  :)  There is always laughter in the James house!

Arden's personality!

I just walked in the bedroom to discover that Miss Arden had squirted Elmer's glue all over the wood floor and was rubbing it in really good.  When she saw me she said "what happened Mama"? :)  When I told her I was going to spank her she said "uh uhh no you not"! ha  She is a little bossy I would say. 

"what happened" is her famous line for everything now! :)

Arden Caroline's 2nd Birthday Party

The birthday girl!
 It is hard to believe that my sweet little baby girl will be 2 on Wednesday.  Yes I will say it,  "where does the time go"?  It has been a blessing having a baby girl.  It amazes me how she has grown and developed her own little bossy, determined, self sufficient attitude the last few months.  She is definitely her mother's daughter. ;-).  She is still tiny as can be and just like me when I was her age, still has very little hair.  But in that regard if she is anything like me she will grow to make up for it ten fold. 

Master P will be out of town next weekend so we went ahead and had her party this weekend at Mitchell Farms in Collins.  Let me just add a disclaimer here for those of you that have never gone, GO! It is just beautiful and SOOO much to do, especially if you don't have the privilege of living in the country, this is a special treat for "city kids". :)  Here is there website, check them out.  We got a lot of produce from them this summer too.  Super nice people those Mitchell's!

The party was a great success!!  The kids had so much fun and if this tells you anything, we planned the party from 10 to 12 knowing that after 12 we could still stay and play as long as we wanted to, we didn't leave until 4!! And Cash left unhappy about having to leave, of course he was born to farm though :). 

Arden celebrated her party with all the following people:  Mama, Daddy, Alese, Cash, Aunt Jessi, Nana, Papa, Walt, Ryn, Madison, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jeani, Jobi, Gigi, Papa, Ella, Uncle Jason, Uncle John, Theresa, Malaine, Mallory and Madilyn!!  What a crew! :)  Arden had so much fun and when I ask her "did you have fun at your birthday party"? she answers, "i eat cupcake" which she didn't but she did eat cake! ha.  Here are some photos from our all day adventure. 


So Cash is always saying something to keep me laughing and his newest phrase he has "coined up" is no exception.  One morning last week I told him he had to get ready for school and he proudly told me, "mama I can't go put my clothes on and go to school because I have 5 headaches"!! No joke, that is exactly what he said! Imagine, 5 headaches and only 1 head! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Date with Cash

Back in September Cash and I had a "date"!  We went to the coast for the "Mickey's Rockin Road Show" and then lunch at the Blowfly(one of our favorites).  What a fun day we had!!  Mickey was great, we were on the second row and we saw Tom Colicchio of Top Chef standing at the Hostess stand when we walked in.  Most of you that know me well know that I watch very little tv, I love Law and Order and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives other than that the only show I make time for is once a year's Top Chef!! SOOOO  it was very exciting for me and Cash to see him but we didn't get a picture of him so you will have to just take my word for it! :) 


On the roof of the HardRock

BB King Blues Club

Patrick and  Bobby (center) and one of BT's friends

Beautiful Grafitti

Titans Stadium

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

I forced Master P into this photo! Ha, right!

Showing my love to Drew

The view of my favorite city!

Oh that is pure sweetness!! Faith Elizabeth Meng!!!  Another great thing in Nashville
Any of you that know me know how very much I love Nashville!!  For lots of reasons, it's a super great and fun city, I love music and hello, it IS music city, I was married there on New Year's Eve and one of my dearest friends lives there!  So any chance I get to go to Nashville I take it.  That's one of the perks of Nationwide, Master P recently one us another trip to Nashville where we were guests in the Nationwide Suite at the Titans game! What fun!!  I actually wore my Saints Drew Brees jersey and lived to tell about it.  We kicked up our heels at the BB King Blues Club the night before the game which was great fun.  That is always a really fun place to go and we went with our friends Bobby and Kari Thomas.  This was a "no kids" trip (thanks Papa and Gigi once again for coming to our rescue) but we will be going back in December and they will be going.  I am already SO excited about that trip I can hardly stand it, I LOVE Christmas, so much I can barely contain myself.  I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and wondering how long I will be able to make it before I start decorating. :)    So here are a few pictures from Nashville!  Enjoy!