Saturday, July 31, 2010


Every summer (or nearly) Mama and I have taken off to Gulf Shores for a long weekend.  It is always a lot of fun, relaxing, shopping, eating just whatever our little hearts desired.  Now that I have little rugrats our tradition has changed a little.  Last summer Arden was just a baby so we took her but left Cash with P Daddy.  Arden (as well as Cash) was a very good baby, we even went and watched a movie.  She just sat in my lap, never made a sound.  I had all intentions of leaving both of them for our beach trip this year but Mama said "oh let's take Arden" and I thought to myself she must have lost her mind and if we are taking one we may as well take them both!  So we did and we had a blast although going to the beach with young children is exhausting! :D  We went to LuLu's which for those of you that know me well know that is one of my favorite places in the world!! Great atmosphere and the kids had a blast.  There is usually a long wait for a table but there is so much to do and buy that I have never minded to much.  Here are a few pictures of us there.

We spent some time out on the sandy white beach digging for shells and playing in the waves!!  Gigi had as much fun as the kiddo's.  It was so fun watching Cash and Arden laughing and playing. 

This little boy in this picture with Mama and Cash made fast friends with Mama.  He talked her head off, told her all about himself and his daddy.  He followed her and Cash around for a while and seemed to never really shut his mouth.  Mama finally asked him what his name was and he told her "oh no I am not supposed to tell my name to strangers"!! hahahahahahahaha

I think Arden has had enough!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Cash is ALWAYS cracking us up and I have to admit, Arden is easily following in his footsteps!!  She can't make complete sentences but she sure can yell "STOP IT CASH" plain as day!!  This story is to be continued........

So, last night I discovered that we had yet ANOTHER leak from our recently fixed ceiling, coming from our recently "fixed" air conditioner.  As I was standing there completely frustrated and really tired as it was 9 0'clock and we were just coming home from dinner I started telling Patrick "we have to get up in the attic and stop this now before the ceiling falls".  Cash just so  matter of factly took my cell phone out of my hand and said "give me your phone mama, I'm a gonna call Bob the Builder".  I started laughing so hard, I am so thankful to God for putting this little blessing in my life, in this house to keep me grounded and help me remember what really matters...and to NOT freak out over things I have no control over!! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tonight Cash and Arden were playing so sweetly in the bathtub together that I declared we needed to make some video of it and so I was off to retrieve my video camera!  Now, this will shock no one more than it does me but....I got side tracked, started cleaning something (I have admitted that there is in fact some sort of OCD issues going on with me).  I wasn't gone long but longer than the 32 seconds it should have taken me to get the video camera.  When I rounded the hallway I heard Cash say "Arden we made some bubbles" and I must admit this was the first time I actually wanted these bubbles in the bathtub to be coming from their little boo hiney's but I knew I would not be so lucky and that they had gotten into something! I share my tub with them and I wash my face in the tub at night but I ALWAYS (except for this time) put my face cleanser back in the drawer!!!  When I saw my bottle of expensive (it costs to stay looking younger than your older husband) facial cleanser floating with the lid open in the tub I was sickened!! I actually sat on the edge of the tub rather quick to keep from passing out, I dropped my doomed to age face in my hands and was giving myself a brief time out before I decided which precious baby  would get their naked boo hiney spanked first!!  Before I could say a word Cash Thomas James said "Me and Arden are sorry Mama, try to keep an open mind"!!  WHAT???? Where did THAT come from?!!  Veggie Tales I presume but it worked, I immediately began laughing uncontrollably and they didn't get spanked.  Not by me at least, maybe by their daddy when he as to either look at my aging face or buy me a new bottle of cleanser!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This past year we were invited to a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.  Normally I would shy away from that sort of madness but this time was the exception.  Our friends (The Hunter's) aunt manages the Capital One building on Canal so we were able to park in her garage AND we had a fenced in area, just for us!! It was so awesome because the kids were able to run around all they wanted and we could relax.  I was also thrilled that my parents along with their favorite traveling buddies (the other Ard's) came and spent the day with us.  Arden enjoyed eating everything she could get her hands on, literally. I bet that child ate 3 funnel cakes. All 3 kiddos were passed out before we exited the parking garage! GREAT memories!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cash the Comedian on Vacation

I am blogging from cell phone so I won't be going into a lot of details. However Cash cracks me up everyday and I am always afraid of forgetting the things he says, I know he said something hilarious on the ride down and I have already forgot it! Shame on me! So I will continue to play catch up on the blog but I will also post some random things like this!

We are in Destin for the 4th so the kiddos have been going wide open. I told Cash today that I wanted him to try to potty before bed. He told me he didn't have to go but I told him I wanted him to come try. He then said "I don't have to go, come watch me don't"! Ha! So I followed him in the bathroom and watched him alright and he DID go! Ha. He has been so sweet with Arden, he loves her so much and wants to hold her hands and help her with everything!! I pray it lasts! More on this super fun beach trip later!