Monday, February 8, 2010

Cash Thomas turns 3!!

Wow!!! Where has the time gone?!  Cash turned 3 years old on January 6.  I found myself on the evening of the 5th becoming very emotional.  I laid in bed and watched my little man sleep and cried and prayed over him.  I was SO thankful to God for the blessing of Cash's exsistence in my life but also sad about how fast time was passing.  How must my mother feel?  I know that I will never be as good at this as I would like to be but I do pride myself in the little things with my children.  I embrace them, take pictures of them, "status update" them on facebook, call people and tell them and even blog to you in hopes that I will never forget these moments.  I take an extra minute when one of my babies gives me a hug or a smile or an "i love you" to really take it in because I know that these moments, these challenges, these little things won't last forever.  They grow up so fast and I don't want to have regrets that I wish I would have taken more time in my life for them, they are my life.  Cash is so special because he made me a mommy!!!!!

On the day of his actual birthday we did not celebrate with our usual celebration of cupcakes for breakfast.  Instead Daddy made muffins and he took home made chocolate cupcakes with home made cream cheese icing to school to share with his friends.  Mommy made home made meatballs and spagetti for supper and Uncle Jeffy came over to eat with us and we had a small cake for dessert.  On Saturday after his "real" birthday we had a small party at Gattitown where Cash had a sheet cake with a tractor and dump truck on it, made his day!! This kid is obsessed with his Papa being a farmer and all the "toys" that job comes with.  Trucks, tractors, 4 "wheewers", dump trucks, bobcats, cows etc....he LOVES it!  He often tells me "Papa is a farmer and I am a farmer too Mama".  :)  It overflows my heart that he embraces my "home" and my father so much.  He LOVES that man!! 

He got lots of great gifts including big boy underwear from cousin Jobi.  Cash (much to my insistance) WAS in fact potty trained before he was 3 years old and in 3 days may I add you.  I'm super mom, what can I say. Ha!  He actually did great, we were a great team.

He also got a "Case" pocket knife from mommy.  I know how old he is, I also know that he has 4 in his colletion pouch.  I wanted to start him a collection of something I could give to him when he was grown and I think he will appreciate them when he is older and I am happy to do something for him!  Here are a few pictures from his party.  Enjoy!