Friday, December 28, 2012

After hearing a "tone" in Arden's voice I asked her if she was talking sweet or mean. She gave me the squinted eyebrow look and said "Mama, I am talking serious".

Me: "I am a little upset that yall weren't very good in that store. Yall said before we went in that you would be good." Arden: "well I thought about being good but then I changed my mind." :)
Tonight while saying our prayers Cash says "Mama you know what we can do for Papa? We can lower him down the roof like those men did their friend that couldn't walk and Jesus touched him and he walked. If Jesus could touch Papa's face it would get all better". I cried. Faith like a child my friends, we should all have faith like a child. 

Tonight Arden was playing with some breakable stuff and when I told her to stop she said, "well you shouldn't have put it here and then told me not to mess with it". She has a good point and she definitely is an Ard with that sarcasm.

Arden just picked up a bag of peanuts at the baseball game. When I asked her if she had any money she said, "no lets use yours"! I think she must have heard me tell P-Daddy that before.

Me: "Arden come on lets run up to the church". Arden: "we aren't gonna take the car"? Me:"yes we are taking the car" Arden "so we aren't running then,". She is only 3, lots of fun years ahead. :)

Conversation I had with my daddy tonight.Me: "I registered Cash for kindergarten today."PA: "That's ridiculous".Me: "I am only sending him half days".PA: "That's even more ridiculous. That messes his entire week up. Why don't you just send him all day Monday and all day Tuesday and be done with it. Even better why don't you just send him out here and I will teach him".It makes sense to me too Daddy :)

Arden,"Mama tonight we gonna pray for Ms. Brandi". Me, "ok that's sweet, let's pray for Gigi too, she has a cold". Arden "we need to pray for Papa too, he has a hot". I love this child! 

Arden's humor

Arden just finished eating some spagetti, the chef boyardi kind.  When she finished she came running in with another container of the beeforoni variation.  I told her, you can't eat that too because your tummy is full.  She said in the funniest little voice, "she wants it.  you hear her".  "Who" I asked, "my tummy, you hear her saying she wants to eat that"!

Start Praying...

Last summer on our cruise we bought a play set of the cruise ship, one of the things in the set was a toy cruise ship just like ours.  Arden was just playing with and Cash proudly announced, "Arden you see those orange things on the sides(the life boats) those are for if the ship starts crashing.  You get on those and start praying to God."