Friday, April 1, 2011

Do Bad Habits Die Hard?

I haven't blogged much this month at all.  It has been a VERY emotional month for me.  So I have put off blogging because I have been "sorting" through emotions and I have realized that the longer I have put off the blogging the harder it has become to sit down and do it. Just like all other things in life, we start something then we let a lot of time pass and we never get back around to it.  Somewhat like when you put off writing a thank you card for so long, which reminds me I have two to write myself,  that you then become embarrassed to write it at all.  As if gratitude has an expiration date!!  This same bad habit thing happens to often and I for one intend to squash it! I have a LOT of things I am excited to blog about and will get to them in the next few days and I have some sad things to blog about that I am still happy to be able to share on here, even if I only have 28 followers and am not sure if all 28 really read.  If you are reading my blogs, please leave me a comment, they make me smile always!! I love knowing that people are boring themselves with my life! :) More to come!! Thank you friends for joining me on this sometimes redundant journey! :)  I do love you all!


Happy Feet 26.2

if it helps, you have not been alone in the emotional roller coaster this past month, but it's April, things are looking up! Hope it's HAPPY!


I love you, Julie , more than I could ever put into words. You are my GIRL!! Aunt Carolyn

Kristi Thornton

I love your blog, my sweet friend! And I love you!