Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gardens, hose pipes and mud pies..that's how we roll

Some of our findings this morning

about to get started

he is so ready to dig!

I should wear gloves but my hands are a wreck already anyway

spraying his naked sister, he got naked right after this picture. 
Today was a fabulous day with Cash and Arden.  I decided that we HAD to get our garden planted, STAT!! I had waited long enough.  Most of you know that we live slap dab in the middle of Hattiesburg!!!  Centrally located to anything and everything you could want or need.  It is so accessible, I have lived in this exact same house for 15 years.  I love my little house but I loathe living in town.  I will never get use to it, it will never not drive me crazy the way your house is almost bumping into your neighbors house and our neighborhood is nothing like all these new ones that are getting thrown up. If we lived in some of them, Cash could take a leak off the back porch and wash the neighbors dishes. thanks!!  I am spoiled I know, I go to the farm and it is nothing but 1500 acres of wide open, beautiful, hardwood spaces!! LOVE IT!!!!  Being "forced" to live in the city only makes me want to do country things that much more, it doesn't bother me at all that Cash will "whip it out" and relieve himself in the front yard, should this bother me?  I won't lie, I have a new project up my sleeve right now that the kids are gonna love and Master P is gonna croak!!! Woo Hoo!! Can't wait to see the expressions on all their faces when Lil Mama gets this one going...stay tuned!  A couple of years ago I was sick to death of planting a garden in buckets, that goes back to that wide open spaces I mentioned earlier.  So I dug up a lot of flowers and plants, tilled up the dirt and planted me a garden right in the middle of my flower bed, in my lil house in the middle of the city.  I even spread some cow dung in it!  Even I can't handle the smell of chicken dung, blach!!  Cash was very excited about planting, mostly about digging but either way I was happy he wanted to help. We spread our dung around, mixed the dirt up and he dug up every last hole in that garden.  We had to keep it small so we only planted basil, mint, rosemary, bells, jumbo jalapeƱos, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes. Oh and marigolds just because they are pretty and keep the mosquitoes away!  I will get all my fresh corn, peas and squash from the farm.  Last year I canned about 28 jars of snap beans, this year, that ain't happening.  Unless of course someone wants to help me snap them!! :)  The weather was beautiful and our Lord was gracious enough to hold off the rain until we finished.  By the time the garden was planted, Cash and Arden were both naked as jaybirds playing in the water hose!! :)  I love those kids. They were filling up the dirt under the shade tree and making mud pies.  As I was picking up all the gardening mess, I realized how i was just smiling and laughing at them and how thankful and blessed I am for my two little terrors! :)  Later in the day we walked across the street to our neighbors.  There is a "creek" behind our house, now mind you this is NOT a creek that you will find in Jayess on Ard hill.  This is a rinky dinky, rock embedded small body of flowing water.  I would NEVER let my kids stick their big toe in it! ha.  Drew and Nancy (our neighbors) actually have fish on their side, I am not sure we do on our side but we went to feed them bread and I couldn't believe how they attacked it as soon as it hit the water, probably because they are sick of eating all the litter that trashy people throw in!

Funny for the day:  when it was time to go pick Alese up from school Arden would not come on.  I told her if she didn't come on I was going to leave her.  She replied as she LAUGHED at me "you ain't gonna leave me".  I love her so but I won't lie, I am fearful of raising her.  She is DETERMINED!!!!!!  I only thought I was, she makes me give up daily.  Lawd have mercy on this mama's heart!!