Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Country Home...

So as most of you know, I am a country girl trapped on a city street!!! Here is where I would like to insert the picture of a crying face. :)  Living in town does have a lot of nice perks but being in the country has a lot more.  As fate would have it I am blessed with the best of both worlds.  My babies love "the farm" as it is now always referred to.  I love it to, for many reasons.  I grew up there, my family is there, all the people that I grew up with and love dearly are close by, it is beautiful and serene!!  I could list a hundred more reasons, kids on the farm learn to drive at 6, 7 or 8 depending on when they are needed.  I was at least that young and my first born niece Malaine already drives.  She is 8 and I must add how very much I love her.  She is so beautiful, sweet and caring.  Arden looks a lot like Malaine, actually all the baby pictures of all the Ard children favor.  Alese loves going to the farm too because she gets to drive when she is there.  I am hoping her Mama is not reading this, maybe I should put a disclaimer at the top that says "Stacie stop reading here, ha.  Alese is 12, when I was 12 I had my own little truck to drive around in and I had already wrecked my first car or should I say my brothers car, sorry John you should not have left the keys! :) 
The kids and I go pretty often, my parents spend a lot of time with them and are always asking to see them or vice versa.  I was very close to my Pappy growing up and it is important to me that my children are close to all of their grandparents.  Since my parents are 60 miles away we have to "work" to make sure they spend time with them.  Lots of meeting in Columbia!!!  Cash is the only grandson and he is my daddy's little buddy for sure.  Daddy or Mama will call and say "we want to get the kids for the weekend" or Cash will start asking to go.  Whatever the situation, we spend good time there.  Master P works a lot so he doesn't always get to go but when he does it is usually for a couple or few nights.  So finally to the point and title of this post!! Our country home!  I began today the long process of preparing our country home.   John built a new house last year and his old house as been just sitting for over a year unloved.  It is a nice little 3 bedroom/2 bathroom brick house.  I have taken on the big task with the help of Daddy of cleaning and fixing up the house.  It is going to be our weekend get away.  I am really super excited about it.  It needs a little TLC but I am perfect for the job.  Today all I could think about was putting up a hammock under all the shady oak trees in the yard.  I will post pictures sometimes, I look for this to be a long process but when it is finished and furnished we will invite our friends that are "city slickers" out for a weekend in the country!  There is just nothing like it.  Shoes are optional in the country but hospitality is not!



Julie- thank you for your sweet comments! Your entire family is gorgeous! I know you are enjoying being at home. I enjoy keeping up with you guys :)