Saturday, November 26, 2011

Picture Memories

morning sugar!

Gross I know.  Cash's staples in his head. What a way to start vacation

Lulu in her favorite spot

my good friend Brenda Reid painted us up! ha

Girls Night!

11-11-11, that was the night of the Charity Ball this year in Hatteisburg.  Normally I probably wouldn't go but this year a "few" of us girls decided to go.  And at last minute a few more girls decided to go until there were 8 of us! It was so much fun and spent with a group of really great girls! I usually am not a big fan of putting a whole lot of women together but this group of girls was the exception.  We had a blast, everyone laughed all night long.  I can't wait for another girls night with these ladies! Good clean(sort of) drama free fun!!! :)

You can take the girl off the farm...yes I really wore these boots with my formal!
Thank God for Jodi, we all looked stunning :)



Katie,Julie, Brooke, Brandi and Rebecca, part of the crew

Jodi, Katie, Julie, Brooke, Brandi and Rebecca

Three of my favorite sisters, Brooke, Jodi and Brandi

Katie, Rebecca, me, Brooke, Dana, Brandi, Jodi and Karla

Fun times on the dance floor

I even saw my sis in law!

Brandi!! :)

I  love this picture of her

Me and Jodi

I have no clue but I am sure it was funny!

Brandi and Me

Me and Dana

Dana and Brookie


Dance Floor

Hey Katie

I don't know what to say about this one :)

Katie, Brandi and me dancing

Dana, Brooke, Me and Jodi

Brandi and Brooke

Katie and Brooke



self portrait, sorry Jodi :)

me and brandi

this was a self portrait of the guy who drove us back to our car on the golf cart! :)

We had just as much fun in the car!

me and brooke!  :) ha

Karla about to ride off with a biker, lol

all the girls, late night! plus Seneca!


Cash and Lulu taking in the fresh air, there is nothing like a boy and his dog!

This is what love looks like.  They slept like this most of the night.

This is what the inside of my heart looks like.

Cash's "new" 4-wheeler, he loves it, it makes mama nervous!

Cash loving on Lulu

Farm life, enough said!!

This would be the mini me of Jason and me.  At least I think so.

Until she is just to big to ride on my shoulders, this is where she always tries to sit.

I was SO proud of Alese and her JV dance team from PCS, they won  overall state!!

This is what happens when your 3 year old daughter squeezes your puppy's foot! :( Poor Lulu

Malaine spent a few nights with us and we had a blast! Her and Arden had a fashion show out of my closet!

Two sweet girls! Malaine and Arden

Arden and I saw this rainbow today, it would have been prettier if we wouldn't have been in town but we were reminded of God's promise and love anyway.  :)

A little snuggle time!

Bill gave Arden this purse for her birthday and she LOVES it. Can you tell?