Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Faithful Few....

If you are wondering where I have been I have a very easy answer:  I have been on the farm! Actually I have been in my car on the road between here and there ALL summer.  The kids and I have not spent an entire week at home since they got out of school.  It has been fun, it has been hot, it has been hard work, it has been good for  my soul and exhausting  for my body, it has been memories made but most of all it has been HOT! Did I mention that?!   This has by far been a really busy summer, much busier than I would have chosen but starting an agritourism business is hard work, even harder when your farm is an hour away.  I am almost done with our "Farm House" and can't wait to post the before and after pictures of that! :)  

One night last week I had Arden sitting on the kitchen counter with me and I was just staring at her crying, she asked "Mommy why are you crying"? I had no answer except, please Lord Jesus give me a pause button! She is growing so fast, she is so much fun, she is such a challenge and she makes me smile a thousand times a day.  I love her more and more every second, I think she looks like me when I was her age, I see it in pictures all the time and I imagine my Mama and me when I was 2.  People are always telling me how smart she is, how intuitive she is, how aware she is and how clearly verbal she is.  None of this comes as a surprise to me at all, she was VERY clearly verbal last week when she yelled at Cash, "CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR, CASH".  Go ahead, cover your mouth in disbelief and then laugh, you know it's funny.  I never said I was proud but it is funny :).  She learned that from drum roll! I told her that we made Jesus sad when we said that and she asked me if Jesus was crying and I told her yes and now I am learning to take the "d" word out of my "irritated vocabulary", it just doesn't make for good supper talks.    

I can't really focus right this moment on  all the things I want to blog about but I did want to spout out a few things while I had 37 seconds to myself, umm scratch that, here comes Alese with another question :).  She probably wants to borrow a shirt or something.  How does that happen?  Seems like yesterday she was pitching fits in the back seat of my car at the ripe ole age of 4, now she is pitching a totally different kind of fit! :)  Teenage daughters! I am certain I was NEVER like that, maybe I should ask Bonnie Jean, on second thought, maybe I will just keep assuming.! 

It is good to be back! I have missed my blog! :) More to come sooner or later.