Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Princess Turns 1!! Where did the time go?

Wow!! It hardly seems like it has been a year since my little princess was born.  What a year of wonderful blessings she has been!!  I thought when I was pregnant with her that it would be easier if I just had another boy, after all Cash was not even 2 and all of his clothes were so close at hand.  My brothers surely have enough girls and Cash did not need to be the only boy at Papa and Gigi's house.  I had it all figured out until I heard Dr. Missy say "it's a she baby" just as Patrick was saying "it's a little girl".  Hmmmm....I had not planned on a little girl but I sure was glad to get my hands on her.  She has deepend my love more than I thought possible and on November 14th we celebrated her 1st birthday!! 

She was all dolled up in her petticoat that I bought just for the big occassion and she was beautiful in it.  We had a family party with a few close friends over.  There was not really a "theme", just a big cupcake cake and lots of pink!!  Arden's Gigi made her first cake that she thoroughly enjoyed :).  Thank you Gigi for making Arden's cake even though you work all the time!! Everyone had  a great time and just as little Princess was finishing her cake up, she let me  know real quick that it was nap time for her.