Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rocking Out.....

I have some catching up to do and I won't do it all tonight but I do have some pictures to share of Cash's first concert experience. Jason Aldean, who is a favorite among me and the chilluns came to Hattiesburg about a month ago and I promised Alese if she made the honor roll that she could go with me and Cash. Yah for her, she kept up her end of the deal and I was very proud of her!! Now I already knew that Alese and I would be screaming, dancing, singing the whole time but I was not sure how Cash would react. He LOVES music as much as I do but a concert is an entire other situation then jamming out in his carseat. He was very guarded, actually would not let me put him down for a long time, he wanted me to walk him around on my shoulders, let him take it all in. He wanted to buy his first concert shirt, which of course we did. As JA would sing and play the guitar Cash would just stare, very mundane looking and would barely even blink. It was as if he was in awe of what was happening. He finally after saying nothing for the longest time looked at me and said "I gone do that when I get big"!!! WOO HOO, he already has the name for it!!! Alese and her little friend Madison had a great time and a very big thanks to my sweet friend Joy for going with us and for holding Cash some for me, you'd have thought the kid could not walk that night. Lots of memories made!! The next night Cash took his t-ball stand, stuck a bat out the top, strapped on his guitar and put on his cowboy hat and had a concert for us! It was very entertaining!!!