Monday, June 7, 2010

So it has been a while.......February trip to Nashville

Wow!! Hello friends, it has been a LOOOONG time hasn't it?  Did I mention earlier that this was my blog and I would post when I wanted to?  Good then because I have taken my sweet time.  I am actually sitting at the computer while i pressure can my green beans that I spent the entire weekend doing.  P Daddy (aka Patrick) went to a Nascar race in Nashville and the little people all went to the farm for the weekend.  Mama enjoyed the peace and quite!! :)  Since I have to be at the gym for my 7a.m. workout in the morning what I really want to be doing is sleeping but  when fresh produce calls we must answer or else! I am not sure how much catching up I will do tonight but I will start where I left off! 

In February Patrick had a business trip to Nashville which just happens to be one of my favorite cities so of course we tagged along. One day at our hotel we were having the car parked and there was an ambulance delivering on a stetcher, none other than Little Richard.  He actually lives in a suite in the hotel we were staying at.  He looked awful, a lot like Micheal Jackson which is ironic since they use the same plastic surgeon!  It was interesting to see him up close. 

Patrick had meetings all day so me and the kiddos got out and experienced the freezing cold snow. We got to catch up with a dear, old friend of mine Bridgett, who I miss very very much!!  We had supper with her one night and she shared with me for the first time that she is having a baby! Baby Faith Elizabeth will be here in August and I can not wait to meet her!

 As all of you know I am a huge Johnny Cash fan and that is where Cash's name came from so I thought it was only appropriate to take him to Johnny's grave.  I have been before but we were so close and had plenty of time so what the heck.  Cash, Arden and I made the drive to Hendersonville and found us a little florist to buy some roses.  I had no trouble finding my way right back to the grave sight.  Cash seemed intrigued although he isn't old enough to understand any of it, he will probably appreciate the gesture and the pictures when he is older.  When we got back to the hotel that evening Cash proudly told his daddy, "we look for Johnny Cash today but we not find him because he get dead and he went to live with Jesus.  But we took him some flowers."  hahahaha  He cracks me up all the time!!  Cindy Cash had left something on her daddy's grave and I included a picture of it because it made him seem less of a "hero/legend" and more of just a "daddy".  It moved me and made me think of J.R. Cash in a way that I hadn't before. 

We made a visit to the kids Discovery Museum which Cash LOVED! He had a blast and even I learned a thing or two like, what my face will look like in 10 years if I keep tanning it(not pretty and I have since sworn off the sun on my body, spray tans and lotions for me from now on).  Cash's favorite thing was the "digestive slide".  When you came out of the end of the tunnell slide your feet hit a giant whoopee cushion and let our a loud "man sound" (as I politely call them).  Cash went down that slide a hundred times and everytime he would say "it pooted"!! :)  He is his father's child!.

We also took the kids to the Grand Ole Opry which they loved for a little while!  My children love music and the Opry is a sacred place as far as I am concerned.  We got to see Little Jimmy Dickens, Josh Turner and Chris Young and of course all the Opry "regulars".  When we came out after the show it was snowing again although there was still snow all over the sides of the roads from the week before.  I can't wait to take them back again, maybe Alese will be out of school and get to go next trip, I know she would be glad too.