Monday, June 7, 2010


Wow is the only word I can use to describe a recent experience I had!  As we all know I am a music lover, a very diverse music lover at that.  But "old country" is what I was raised up on and when I found out that Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson were coming to a casino in Tunica I knew I would be there.  This was a very last minute event, I think I bought the tickets on Tuesday for that Saturday.  I called one of my "top five" as we call each other ( aka one of my top 5 best friends) Jessi Marie and asked her if she was up for the trip! Duh, of course she was!  Jason warned me that Tunica was a "po-dunk" and depressing town and heavens alive was he right! BUT I stayed focused on why we were there. 

Kris and Merle are legends in anyone's book and the thought of both of them on one stage was almost more than I could stand!  When the two took the stage I found myself in tears, literally in awe of their presence.  It made me think "wow Julie if you feel this overwhelmed with emotions over this just imagine how you are going to feel when you see Jesus one day" Wow! That is my only word!! 

Being the crazy fan I am, I was DETERMINED not to leave without meeting Merle and Kris, I mean how much longer can those old cats live, they are pretty old! :))))  Finally I found someone that gave me a hint of advice as to where to go to catch up with them and the rest is history.  Kris loved me I must say, he put his arm around me for a picture and left it there, just like we were old friends.  It was pretty amazing and I stayed on cloud nine for, what am I saying, I am still on cloud 9!!  Thanks Jessi for coming along on another of my crazy adventures! Great friend, great memories!