Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual Labor Day Dove Hunt

I have needed to blog about this for over a month now but just haven't so I have found myself with a few minutes on my hands.  I also have a dying urge to knock some things off my to do list! :)

Dove hunting is a big to do at the farm.  It has been for years and years, since before I was born.  My pappy was a big bird hunter, he always had lots of bird dogs.  I can't remember the way the story goes so I will have to ask Daddy but years ago my Pappy made friends with some folks from Louisiana, men that became lifelong friends of my Pappy and our family.  I grew up with these men in my life, their children's lives.  We have been through weddings, divorces, deaths and births together.  They are family and every Labor Day (and many times through out the year) they come to hunt.  Everyone anticipates getting to see them, there is just no one like them!!

The hunt starts at daybreak which meant that Daddy and I left Mama sleeping with Cash and Arden and we were in the field before daylight as were about 20 plus others.  It is such great fun, I am not a great shot but I do a lot of shooting :)  I actually just enjoy sitting under a tree or next to a hay bale with my daddy more than anything.  Cash and Ella joined in on the fun for a little that morning after they woke up.  After the morning hunt we had egg salad sandwiches on the back of the truck at the pump house then cleaned our kill.  The best part is heading over to the old dairy barn to fry up some birds.  It is fun to see everyone socialize then find a shade tree (or a couch) for a nap before the afternoon hunt.  Lots of fun had by all. 

Hoffman, waiting for daylight

I love this picture of Daddy

Please note, these birds that Cash and Ella are petting are DEAD! ha

My style! ha

Papa and his sidekick Cash

Best Buddies

Papa and Ella Bella

Mama and Cash man!

Whatever he is talking about is complete BS!! Trust me on this one!

Everyone's favorite uncle

Cleaning the kill!

Me and Hoffman

The Harrington's!

Uncle Shelton and Arden watching the fun

Mr. Chuckie ready for his afternoon snooze

Mr. Bob is ready for his too

Hoffman is already having his afternoon snooze

One of my favorite people...shhhh don't tell him!


Daddy and Mr. Jerry F


LOVE this one!

Cash takes every step his Papa takes

Daddy and Uncle Isaiah