Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alese....Making Me Proud!

I wish that I could carry around a computer with me all day so when the kids say something funny I can post it right then because I find I forget :(!!!  But this post has been on my mind for a week now!!

Last Saturday night Master P and I went to the Hank Williams Jr./Jamey Johnson concert and we had a lady come to the house to keep the kids.  We got home super late and Alese was asleep on the couch so I woke her up to get in bed and she started mumbling something  something about cooking "those lemon squares" but she wasn't making much sense and I knew I didn't have anything like that in the pantry.  Hmm, what she talking about, was she dreaming about lemon squares and asking me to make her some?!  As I was saying goodbye to Ms. Loretta she said "oh when I was getting the babies down, Alese got out a cookbook and made some lemon squares all by herself".   What?!  I rushed into the kitchen and found the Providence Baptist Church cookbook still on the counter and lemon squares on the stove.  I was SOOO proud of her!!  My "baby" who is always wanting to watch me cook and help me cook made an effort to do this all by herself! :)  I tell her all the time if you can read you can cook, just follow the directions and you will learn so much along the way.  I  love to cook and can still remember being taught by my mother when I was even younger than Alese.  So many many girls can't cook these days, not sure if it is for lack of knowledge or desire or to much going on but I believe that whether or not she ever cooks as a mother/wife she needs to at least know how to do it.  I am still smiling at the thought of her getting out that recipe book pulling out all the ingredients, mixing and baking! :)  I am sad that she is growing up so fast but am MOST pleased with the young lady she is becoming.  She really is a great girl! :)  I love you Alese!