Monday, February 21, 2011

And so it goes...

I haven't blogged in a bit and I assure you it isn't because I have been kicked back eating bon bon's (whatever those are).  I have mostly been chasing kids, teaching them manners which most days I think I am failing miserably and trying to make a few memories along the way.  Last week Arden pulled her first "nap time stunt" which has got my wheels  turning on getting her a big girl bed.  She still sleeps in her crib and it really hasn't been a problem but last Wednesday she climbed out of it during nap time.  I have no idea how, all I know is she did it without breaking any bones.  I heard "someone" messing with her door knob and when I opened her door I fully expected to see Cash standing there but it was here and she just smiled and said "I fall out".  Sure you did Arden, sure you did! :)  She hasn't done it again so maybe I have some time in my twin bed search. Wednesday must have been the day for my children because as we were leaving church that night, Arden stepped off the sidewalk and into the driveway, as I went chasing her to get her out of the parking lot Cash yells "get back over here you little huzzie".  WHAT?????????  Yep, that's what he said.  He may have heard that word from me but it is what we yell at the heifers on the farm when they won't get back in the fence.  Guess we need to rethink that one!! :)  They are little sponges, I am learning to be cautious with what I allow them to absorb.


Happy Feet 26.2

wow! never a dull moment with the kiddos, right?

thanks for your sweet words recently on my blog. Totally made my day!