Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arden's strong will....

I have always thought that I was glad to be strong willed, determined and capable of doing things myself.  Independant and proud!  However I did learn several years ago that although there is nothing wrong with being that way I should never be so "proud" as to proclaim myself entirely capable of survival alone, so I will clarify that I will always need my Jesus to survive, I can NEVER do anything alone, I will never take credit for my accomplishments God be the Glory.  I am also thankful that God made me capable, willing to at least try something before I proclaim I can't do it. Now with all that being said I am certainly going to be counting on HIM to be my strong tower for let's see the next, well for as long as he gives me the privilege of raising my sweet baby girl Arden.  WHOA!!  This little girl is determined to do things her way.  She is 2 after all and very into "doing it by meself".  One afternoon this week it was nap time so I wondered to myself if she would be willing to go down without a fight or not.  Sometimes she just flat refuses and other times she asks to lay down.  Oh how I love those days.  I am sorry, oh how I LOVED those days.  This week it was as if she had an evil plan and it could only start moving forward after I put her down and left the room.  We were rocking and it was very obvious that she was tired, heavy eyelids, rubbing her eyes, know what i am talking about.  She then asked me to lay her down so of course I did.  The house was so quiet and Cash and I were playing in the yard.  After about 2 and half hours I heard her talking.  It was strange because she takes longer naps than that on most days and because when she wakes up she is usually yelling for me.  But what  I heard coming from her room was quiet talking, and playing.  I thought to myself "uh oh she never went to sleep, what has she done".  I opened her door to discover that she had climbed out of her crib and was sitting on top of her dresser.  She had stripped from the waist down, slipped her legs into one leg hole of another pair of pajama's (yes it was a pajama day at our house, i don't put her in them for naps) which made her look like she was wearing a really bad mini skirt.  She had opened the drawer of her dresser and taken all her clothes out.  Some were on the floor, some in her crib and some in her lap as if she were trying them all on.  Fashion show perhaps?  When I opened the door she proudly proclaimed "Mama I tee tee'd".  I quickly realized that she didn't have her diaper on and no telling what I was about to find.  What I found was that she had in fact wet in her crib all over her pillow pet and her bumper pad and some of the pajamas that she had I assume pulled into the crib while she was still in it.  But what else she had done blows my mind, how did she do that? Why did she do that?  Thank you Jesus that the dresser didn't turn over!  She had a huge puddle in the empty top drawer where her clothes once were.  Now  I will never know if she climbed in the drawer and tee tee'd or sat in the drawer.  I do know she didn't wet on top of the dresser and it leaked into the drawer, the girl had to have gotten in the drawer.  And she did this all so quietly, as not to disturb the rest of the house.     Needless to say that I rearranged her furniture that evening before she went to bed so that she can't do that again.  I am sure her wheels are already turning as to what she can try next!!  Lawd help me!!! :)

Surprise Mama 

Here is how I want to wear my pj pants mama!

I just can't imagine how that got there. 



Oh. My. Word. This tops anything I've ever seen or experienced! Wow! I think I would invest in a video monitor ;) That way you can catch her in all her glory. My goodness, this is funny!


Oh my goodness... she is something else! I always thought Kenadie was curious, but I can say, she never tried anything like that, ha! BTW, my camera is a canon rebel xsi. Love it!

Julie Ard James

I think I am going to invest in some good old fashioned duct tape for her!! :)