Monday, May 23, 2011


I am almost feeling jealous about blogging this but I am going to anyway.  I am blogging on the beach.  I brought Patrick's laptop down here so I could relax and do a little blogging.  The kids are at the farm.  I truly believe in recharging your brain, your energy etc...It helps me give my best to my kids when I am able to get a "breather".  I know that not all mothers are fortunate enough to live close to family or have family willing to help but I am and no one will EVER know how much I appreciate that.  My little cousin Joy has two young children and expecting her third and lives in Yelm, Washington.  She truly has no one, I often wonder how she does it, her husband is great help when he isn't on base but I mean she can't just run over to her parents and leave her kids.  I know I am blessed.  I know that are not many IF ANY grandparents that will take ALL of their grandkids for nights at a time.  My parents will take all 7 grandkids at once and not think a thing of it.  WOW, it amazes me that they are that brave!  So all this leads me to my next question; "Does it take a Village"?  Now I am no Hillary fan and I am certainly no democrat but I have pondered that question recently after reading a devotion one morning that triggered that question in my mind.  The first time I heard it I wasn't a mother and I thought it was ridiculous.  Now I am a mother and well, it doesn't seem so ridiculous at all.  Here are my thoughts on that question.  Why hell yes it takes a village!! I would loose my mind without my village!! My village being my family.  Being a mother is a hard, "thankless" job.   I love it but some days I want a break and I can always count on either of my parents and both of my brothers.  Mother's day for some reason both of my children decided to not behave in church.  We were at Providence and there is no nursery for Cash and Arden likes to go in with us.  Whew, it was very hard for me to worship while loosing my mind with the monkeys.  Uncle Jason quickly intervened and told Cash he was going to take him out and spank him if he didn't settle down and mind his mama.  "It takes a village" was my first thought.  For some folks, that may not like another family member jumping in like that but that is the really great thing about my family.  We aren't like that.  We help each other when needed, we are all smart enough to know when to step in and when to stay out.  Cash loves and admires my daddy so much that he can talk to him about something and it sticks with him.  I appreciate that my daddy will do that when he needs to, without me asking him.  When we are on the farm you never know whose kids are going with who, John may have one or two, Jason may have a few, they just scatter and so because of that we all have to love and discipline each others kids.  It is what we do.  I think it is what our God would want us to to.  He tells us to love on each other, that is what I strive to do everyday, LOVE people and I think my family helping me with my kids is them loving me!!  So maybe it doesn't take a village but  in my case it sure takes a FARM!!!

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I love that I'm still a "little cousin." Please continue to refer to me that way when I'm 62.

The good news is we're finally on our way to finding a babysitter! One of our friends from the church we've been visiting has a list of the girls from the youth group who babysit. Not only is she going to share the list, she even offered to star the really great ones! I definitely plan to try a couple of them this summer!

Kristy Brent Wallace

Girl, I am right there with you!! when i have the boys by myself i'm out numbered and they know it and take advantage of it. Random folks will offer help when they see it is needed and it is greatly appreciated. It absolutely takes a village!!