Monday, November 21, 2011


I am not sure if most of you would consider this a real milestone but it was for me!  My little boy has gone on his first trip to the deer camp with his daddy, 3 hours away.....for three nights.  He is only four years old and I won't lie, this was a little bit emotionally difficult for me.  He is my baby and he is only four.  I really thought I had a few more years before this was an issue, did I mention he is only four?  P Daddy is in two hunting clubs, one is right south of Hattiesburg and only a 20 minute drive so Cash goes to that camp and spends the day often, that is not a big deal.  The other camp is in Louisville, almost 3 hours away and Patrick has never considered taking Cash this year.  There has been talk of me going up for a few days and then he would get to go but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that he would go now, at this age, without me :).  Yesterday after church Master P was packing up his truck to leave this morning, that is when it all began.  Cash started whining, kicking  his foot in the dirt saying "I want to go to the deer camp" then it turned into crying.  I don't mean the yelling, pitching a fit, typical four year old tantrum, I mean heartbroken tears, crying that made your heart ache.  I asked Patrick how he could say no to that and he said "I don't guess I am.  You can go with me buddy".  Cash started asking me right away to pack his stuff, he started getting his boots, toys, guns, ropes etc... All his boy paraphernalia.  He piled a bunch of it up on top of P Daddy's stuff, now for the count down!!  

Patrick was awaken this morning by Cash coming into the bedroom, fully dressed pulling his suitcase behind him, ready to go.  I started looking around for Cash's hunting boots and he informed me that he had put them in the truck last night! :)  I took  a few pictures of them loading the truck up, I am sure neither of them understand the big deal but it is my babies first trip to the deer camp, he is only four, did I mention that?  I did put my disclaimer into Master P before they left, it went something like this, "if my baby is exposed to anything like a bunch of loud cussing and drinking I will fly up on my broom and you will all suffer my wrath.  Protect his spirit or else".  I know this is a big deal for daddy's and sons, this time to bond and do all the nasty things that boys do at deer camps but I wasn't ready just yet but I am happy that the boys get to bond.  



awe... but it is so great that they are together. patrick works so hard so i know cash is enjoying this time with his daddy.