Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Funnies

I still have not blogged about our beach trips but I don't want to forget about some funny things that have happened the last few days.

My sweet precious little baby girl has activated! She is WILD and busy and into EVERYTHING!! :~) She is curious, nosy, loud, determined and sweet as pie!! She lets her opinon be known and she loves shoes.  I am not a fan of shoes on in the house, that's the first thing to go when I walk in but she asked me all day "shoes on mommy"! :D She wanted her sandals on.  Today River started barking real loud and Arden yelled even louder "HUSH IT RIVER"! hmmmm wonder where she has heard that before. 

Tonight when I was rocking her to sleep she kept saying "sing mama sing mama" so I did a "set" of songs and every time I finished one she would lean up and clap and say "yah mama"! Sweet girl has no clue her mama can not sing but she still loves me.

So today was a VERY RARE lazy day at the James house.  I never sit still but I didn't feel great so I spent the entire day playing "farmer" with Cash.  Cash ADORES my daddy which of course I do to so this makes me a happy girl.  We just spent a few days on the farm and Cash doesn't care how hot it is, he will ride around in 105 degrees in a farm truck with no ac and smile from ear to ear.  He LOVES it!!  When he isn't on the farm he is playing farm and what this means is that EVERY single dining room chair AND barstool are turned on the backsides and they become "fences" and "tractors" sometimes they get "stuck in the mud" and we have to get another "tractor" aka dining room chair to get them unstuck.  He ties ropes, dog leashes, anything he can get his hands on and makes fences.  All the couch pillows and at least half of the bed pillows become sacks of feed and corn.  The rug becomes the pond and we play and play and play and..........  Finally at one point today I told Cash that I needed to fold some clothes but he could keep playing and I would be back to play with him shortly.  He very matter of factly let me know that he was a farmer and he was not playing he was working!

So, before I continue I must throw in an advisory........Patrick and I do not teach our children to be prejudice.  We try to teach them to love people for what is on the inside and of course Cash and Arden are to young to understand that but we still try.  Something funny happened while we were playing today and it was very random and I still don't know where he came up with this.  What I do know is that he has never heard me or his daddy say this but it did turn out comical.  We were watching "Little House on the Prarie" or "little house on the perry" as Cash calls it, this is his favorite show! A commercial came on and there was a little black girl and Cash said "um Mama I don't think I like black people, I like white people" I told Cash that wasn't nice and that Jesus made all people and He wants us to love everyone.  Cash can get very animated when he talks and today was no exception when he said "ooooh ok well Mama, I need to ask you a question," while moving his eyebrows up and down and talking with his hands he said "is my daddy black or white"?   WHATTTTTTT!!!!!????  I could barely stop laughing long enough to tell him his daddy was white!!! Then he said "am i cracking you up Mama"?  Well YES you are son!  Where did that come from! All i know is that I have laughed every time I have thought about it.  I wonder why he was confused about that! Sorry Patrick! :D  Never a dull moment!