Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's Blessings

WOW!  We are loving this fall weather at the James house.  I know it is probably just a little teaser but we will take what we can get when we can get it.  The extreme heat has rarely bothered Cash much, Arden a little and Alese a lot! ha.  Cash will play outside in a shade in 105 degrees and not think twice about it but I don't enjoy playing with him! ha.  This week has been great, yesterday we played all afternoon outside.  Today was a special day because Papa came to visit us and as most of you know, Cash adores his Papa!  He mimics his Papa's every move, I mean literally down to the sound his Papa makes when he spits! :)  Cash was so excited about our special visitor, as soon as he woke up this morning he said "is Papa coming to hang out with us today"?  Now for those of you that know my daddy you know that "hanging out" is not something he does well.  He is a worker, a hard hard worker.  He does nothing that requires him to sit still so hanging out was going to be tough even if it was gonna be with his favorite and only grandson.  When daddy called to say he was at Foxworth (30 minutes from our house)  I told Cash, "Papa will be here soon" so he and Arden got so excited that they climbed on the couch in front of the window and began the task of "watching for Papa".  I knew the moment they could see his truck coming down the road because I heard Arden scream "PAPA HERE" and the front door flew open and out they both went.  We were very happy to see him, we had a loud lunch with him and then went shopping at the "Eagle Store" as my kids have tagged it.  Of course Cash wouldn't let Papa out of his sight and took a ride with him to Patrick's office all the while sweet little Arden cried and cried "I want Papa".  They came home soon enough and Arden was squealing like she hadn't seen him in weeks.

While we were waiting for Papa to get here I  decided to roll out some dumplings that he could take home for he and Mama to have for supper.  Mama took off all last week to be with Daddy and she had to take off Monday and Tuesday this week to tend to some stuff for Maw Maw.  I knew her first day back at work would be rough but because she is just so giving I knew she would feel the need to come home and cook.  While I was cooking the chicken pie Cash came in the kitchen with his new little camo Bible I bought him and he said "mama you want me to read you something from my Bible"?  Of course I said yes and I was amazed as I listened to my 3 year old son tell me about baby Moses, then about the Red Sea and on the story of Noah!  Wow!  I love that he loves these stories that glorify God.  What precious years these are.  How appropriately that when he finished his "reading" Arden started singing Jesus Loves Me.  She knows all the words and it makes my heart smile to hear her sing it. 

I am so thankful that Master P works so hard so that I can indulge in these priceless moments with my children!!!! 


Happy Feet 26.2

thnks for the sweet comment. What can I say, I'm a lucky girl. For some reason, which I LOVE, C.D. all of the sudden enjoys cleaning, and wants a clean house. I do too, but I don't always get there. How amazing is that for a life change. Sweeeet!

You are such a good Mom. I really hate when you talk about your cooking though. It always makes me hungry.


Girl, I know you are enjoying these sweet times. I wish they didn't fly by so fast. I love that your babies love their Papa so much. Mine love theirs too. Papa's are special. Especially the "hard working" ones.