Monday, November 8, 2010

Arden Caroline's 2nd Birthday Party

The birthday girl!
 It is hard to believe that my sweet little baby girl will be 2 on Wednesday.  Yes I will say it,  "where does the time go"?  It has been a blessing having a baby girl.  It amazes me how she has grown and developed her own little bossy, determined, self sufficient attitude the last few months.  She is definitely her mother's daughter. ;-).  She is still tiny as can be and just like me when I was her age, still has very little hair.  But in that regard if she is anything like me she will grow to make up for it ten fold. 

Master P will be out of town next weekend so we went ahead and had her party this weekend at Mitchell Farms in Collins.  Let me just add a disclaimer here for those of you that have never gone, GO! It is just beautiful and SOOO much to do, especially if you don't have the privilege of living in the country, this is a special treat for "city kids". :)  Here is there website, check them out.  We got a lot of produce from them this summer too.  Super nice people those Mitchell's!

The party was a great success!!  The kids had so much fun and if this tells you anything, we planned the party from 10 to 12 knowing that after 12 we could still stay and play as long as we wanted to, we didn't leave until 4!! And Cash left unhappy about having to leave, of course he was born to farm though :). 

Arden celebrated her party with all the following people:  Mama, Daddy, Alese, Cash, Aunt Jessi, Nana, Papa, Walt, Ryn, Madison, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jeani, Jobi, Gigi, Papa, Ella, Uncle Jason, Uncle John, Theresa, Malaine, Mallory and Madilyn!!  What a crew! :)  Arden had so much fun and when I ask her "did you have fun at your birthday party"? she answers, "i eat cupcake" which she didn't but she did eat cake! ha.  Here are some photos from our all day adventure. 



2 already??!! Are you sure? Great pictures. They are so beautiful. The cake was fabulous as well. Aren't these girls just hilarious!!