Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grins and Giggles

We are currently at the farm for Thanksgiving but I wanted to blog for a minute.  I have no pictures to upload right now but will when we get back home. 

I have noticed recently that which ever of the "little kids" (as I call them to separate them from Alese) wakes up first, always wants to wake up the other one.  Cash has been waking up first most recently and he gets ants in his pants wanting to wake her up.  He gets his trucks and tractors all laid out on the couch or table anticipating her waking to play with him.  I should probably add here that he is SERIOUS about his trucks, tractors and trailers! He sleeps with them, no joke!  But anyway when they see each other in the mornings they smile and laugh and hug and just love each other so much and it completely melts my heart.  Now don't get me wrong, it isn't always this way, they hit, pull hair, bite etc... but they love one another so much and I pray that is always that way!

Yesterday as I was getting things packed and loaded to come home for Thanksgiving, Arden decided to take off her diaper and clothes, as she often tries to do.  Before I knew she was doing it, she was naked, running through the house laughing.  Then Cash joins in on the nudeness!! :)  Seriously, was it big deal that the my 3 and 2 year old were playing naked, laughing and loving life? Not to me so I just let em go all day until time to leave!! :)  Pictures to follow.



That story is all too familiar at our house. What is it about being naked?! ha. Hope Thanksgiving was fun!