Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Cashism's....Reader Discretion Advised

So before you read any further be warned, it is PG-13! :)

Today Cash came in the kitchen from the back yard and said, "Mama I got some mud on my rubber boots but I cleaned it off".  Of course I did not care one bit that he had mud on his boots but I asked him how he got mud on them basically just to engage in a conversation with him because he is so animated when he tells stories.  He begins his story as he always does, talking with his hands and using the word "well".  He said, "Well I got my boot stuck in a hole out there and I got it out.  But now my bike is stuck in the hole so I have to come in here and get a rope so I can pull my ass out"..............................WHAT!!  Now clearly I don't teach nor encourage my children to use curse words but CLEARLY this IS funny no matter who you are.  Doing my very best to keep a straight face I looked him and said "did you just say ass", and he so matter of fact grinned and said "yes ma'am".  So I told him that was a bad word and he couldn't use that word, he said "uh oh, is Jesus gonna put dirt in my mouth".  I have told him that when we say bad words Jesus puts dirt in our mouth but I explained to him that because Jesus loves him so much he will not get in trouble this time because he didn't know it was a bad word but next time Jesus would definitely be putting  dirt in his mouth. 

I can't imagine where he heard this but I will add that it is in fact common occurrence on the farm for someone to need their ass pulled out.......Just sayin......


Mrs. Robert Anthony Webb

Julie, it makes my day to read about all of your Cashism's! You really should write a book of them! Even if it is only one copy given to him years from now!