Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Agritourism: Getting Back to the Roots on Small Farms

Agritourism: Getting Back to the Roots on Small Farms

I guess it is long past time for me to blog about the happenings of the farm. Several months ago Daddy and I decided to step in the agritourism business with the family farm. I have been asked so many times "what is agritourism"? I am sharing a link that gives a great article on exactly what it is. To say I am excited is an understatement. I am so passionate about this journey for so many reasons!! The older I get the more I love the fact that i grew up on a dairy and that my children have this awesome, beautiful, grounded place to grow up and learn about hard work. I have often wondered over the years, "what will happen to the farm when daddy just can't do it anymore'? I honestly never thought that I would be part of the solution or answer to that question but this just may be a way for me to be just that. I am ecstatic! I graduated from USM with a degree in Hospitality Management/Tourism, how could this not be meant to be. There is SO much to do but we have already had 3 field trips and we have a birthday party planned in a few weeks. We take it for granted that everyone just knows about milk, milking cows etc, planting crops....but they don't. These are country kids coming to the dairy that have never had an experience like this, it is amazing! This is a way for me to get back to my roots, to contribute to this farm that I love dearly, to spend time with my family and for my children to grow up OUTSIDE!!! I am so passionate, my wheels will not stop turning and I can't wait to share with all of you the amazing things we are going to be doing!! In fact, I am leaving Friday headed to North Mississippi to attend the spring farm tours for the Mississippi Agritourism Association. I can not wait to meet some other farmers and see what they are doing. Agritourism is big in other areas of the country such as Vermont but has just made a wave through Mississippi recently and I am 95% sure that we are the ONLY dairy doing this and we are for sure the ONLY farm that will offer a farm stay. I am so excited about that!! I should be finishing up the work at the farmhouse as we are calling it, by the end of May. We will have a precious little 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house that sits on the farm under some beautiful oak trees that we will offer for rent to anyone that wants to escape the city life. Guests will be allowed to hike in nature, fish, have a bonfire, interact with as much or as little of the farm operations as they wish. It is seclusion, it is escape from reality, it is about slowing down and breathing fresh air, reconnecting with your soul. I LOVE this place and I can not wait to share all the before and after pictures of this almost finished house.


Happy Feet 26.2

Julie - what a super, super idea. I LOVE it! I think most of us would love to escape. You are on to something. Can't wait to see the pics. Good Luck!

You are so smart, I know it will be a success!

Julie Ard James

Ginny, Thank you SOO much!!