Monday, April 25, 2011


A couple of blogs ago I wrote about going through a lot of emotions, March was FULL of emotions for me and my family.  On March 12th my Maw Maw passed away suddenly.  I am a huge believer in the Lord working in ways that ONLY HE can do and this was even more evident to me with the passing of Maw Maw.  All three of the kids were out for Spring Break the week of March 14th.  I had planned to head to the farm on Sunday the 13th and stay for a few days but because of some personal issues at home I made the decision to head on over on Friday the 11th.  I loaded the kids up and we drove straight to Brookhaven and spent the afternoon with Maw Maw.  What precious time it was because it was the last time my children would see her.  That night a nurse from the nursing home called my parents house and told me that Maw Maw was not doing well.  I woke my mama up and off we went.  

I remember traveling down Hwy 583 at 3:30 in the morning on our way home from the nursing home trying to absorb it.  I felt so lost, for the first time ever I did not have any grandparents.  I can't imagine what Mama must have been thinking knowing she no longer had a parent. :(  I am a lucky enough girl to say that I have some close enough friends that I can call or text at 3:30 in the morning and it is completely okay.  I reached out to a couple of them and tried to catch some sleep.  I knew the next few days were going to be so long and hard.

Mama and I had to go buy something to bury her in the next day and that in itself was very emotional.  Mama was an only child and I knew that I needed to be around for all of this.  When we met with the Harrigill's at the funeral home (who happen to be great friends and employers to my Maw Maw) Mr. Don asked if one of the grandkids wanted to speak at the service.  Immediately I said "no" but as the day passed I realized that one of us should.  We were her only grandkids, her only family left and someone should pay honor to her life.  I am proud to say that I was able to do that for her.  I can't say how I did but I did it!! And I was honored to do it, she as a sweet, sweet little woman who always called me "hun".  I miss her.  I love you Maw Maw.