Monday, December 5, 2011


Cash will turn 5 in January (sigh) and the older he gets the more vivid his little imagination gets.  I love to hear him tell me stories that clearly he is making up as he talks but he is so funny.  I know that he knows he isn't telling "the truth" because he will usually follow up with "don't tell Papa" or "don't tell daddy or such and such" whomever he has told the story about.  We did have a talk last week about telling lies and what lies are and how important it is to always tell mama the truth but that was in regards to him whispering in my ear that Arden had done something when it was so obvious that he had done it. :)  He is learning but I do enjoy that he has an imagination and I will pray that he will always keep it.  It seems sad when children get to that age when they loose that, can't think of anything to play anymore etc...

A few weeks ago Cash decided to wear one of his cross necklaces to church.  Not a chain necklace a leather one, a small appropriate one.  When we got home he came up to me and said "Mama, you have got to take this necklace off of me, it is giving me a heart attack"! :) Where did THAT come from? Who knows, but just in case, I took it off. LOL.

I know it is no secret just how much Cash loves my Daddy, it is also no secret how much I love that!  My daddy is the hardest working, busiest man I know.  Dairy farmers have no set "schedule" of going to work or getting off nor do they ever really know how their day will go or where it will lead them.  They have to be adaptable to any situation at any time, the tractor has ANOTHER flat, the hay baler burnt up in the hay field from a baron that went hot etc...things you don't plan for but better adapt to and fast.  So in saying all that, it makes my heart smile to know that my daddy always makes time for Cash.  He lets him tag along with him everywhere.  Cash doesn't care how hot, cold, rainy it may be he wants to be with his Papa and Papa is okay with that.   A little while back I was driving the children to school and Cash said "Mama I got to tell you something. When I grow up I am gone (gonna) change my name." Me, "what ya gonna change it to, Cash"? Cash, "Pat Ard". :)  And there you have it my friends.  The best investment you can make in your children and grandchildren is YOUR TIME! That's all they want, and it is certainly all they need.  :) I am thankful.