Monday, December 5, 2011

Molasses and Memories

Do you ever have a song or a moment in your life that takes you back to another moment in your life?  I love those moments when I am in the middle of something and I am instantly transformed to a sweet memory!! That happened at breakfast last week.  Cash and I wanted biscuits and molasses.  Man I sure am glad to have been raised on molasses and that Cash loves them so much.  Maybe because he sees his Papa eating them! :)  Anyway, the kids were playing, we had our Christmas music playing and the biscuits were baking.  Cash likes his with jelly and molasses.  I would probably like that too but at my age the sugar in the molasses is more than enough to keep my pants from zipping so I skipped the jelly.  The minute I took the lid off the can I started flashing back to when we were kids.  Daddy use to take us to Mr. Clark's down the road where he was making cane syrup.  I loved watching that steam and smelling that strong, sweet smell.  To this day I still love sugar cane and there is no better place to eat it than on the back of a tailgate with Daddy's pocket knife.  Molasses also reminds me of something else, early mornings at the cow shows at the state fair.  There is a booth there that gives away hot biscuits, before they hand you that hot goodness they ask you if you want molasses on it!! Well of course I do!!!  I had not been to the state fair for many years until last year and when I decided to take the kids that was our second stop.  Our first was the livestock barn of course.  Speaking of the state fair, I have some of the best memories there.  The state fair reminds me of Penn's chicken on a stick and eating them with my bestie Julie.  It also reminds me of the many times that my other bestie Anna would tag along to the cow show.  I can even remember the time we took our cabbage kids and their strollers!! :) I think we were in kindergarten.  I love my girlfriends and am so thankful that both of them are still in my life!!!