Monday, December 5, 2011

"Mama, what does God look like"?

I talk to my children often about praying, Jesus, God, being kind and loving to others in hopes that some of it will in fact stick in their heads.  Cash has been asking questions about Jesus and heaven for a while now but he came to me the recently with this question, "mama, what does God look like"?  I had no idea how to answer this to make a four year old understand so I told him that I didn't really know, that no one had ever seen him so there were no pictures to show him.  He quickly said, "I think I have seen a picture of him at Papa and Gigi's church, you know the one up where the people sit and sing? Is that God"?  I was almost certain of what he was talking about but I told him next time we were at their church for him to show me and we would talk about it.  Sure enough some weeks later when were sitting in worship he said, "look Mama, that is the picture I was talking about, is that God"?  It is the stained glass picture in the baptismal of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.  I explained to him that it was John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin baptizing him.  His next question, "well who baptized God"?  I told him no one because God was the almighty, he was here first, he didn't need to be baptized, that seemed to please his eager mind.  Now when Cash talks about heaven he says, "Mama when I get to heaven I am gone(gonna) hug my Pappy and Jesus and God and Jesus and God's cousin John the Baptist". :)  This warms my heart!!  I am thankful for his interest in these things and I pray that I will continue to teach him in a christian manner!! I fail daily but I do keep trying!