Monday, January 18, 2010

And so Christmas begins.....

Wow!! What a fantastic Christmas this year.  As the kids get older it gets more and more fun, I must admit I had as much fun watching them in all their excitement as they did.  I am going to break Christmas down into a few blogs since there is so much to write about and so many pictures to share.  I am going to start with our "Birthday Supper" for mama and daddy at Stogner's on Decenber 11th.  I love Stogner's and always compare any catfish house I to them.  It is the fish house I "grew up in".  I have so many memories of being there with family, especially Pappy who once would not talk to me and Jason for a while because we ordered chicken at the fish house! ha! Who'd a thought that would upset him so but he just could not understand it.  Now that I am grown and have a deep love for fried catfish, I completely understand! :)  I was very excited that everyone in the immediate family made it to grub out.  Alese was the only one missing so I will have to plan it better next time.  They put us in the back room and I can only assume that when they saw all the wild kids with us, they thought that may be the only safe place, they were right.  My only complaint was that it was so loud in that back room that you could barely talk to each other but we had fun just the same watching the kids compete to see who could be the loudest.  I am happy to report that me nor Jason ordered chicken this time, Pappy would be proud.  I am going to include so picutres to share with you all.  Peace, Love and Fried Fish!

John, Madi, Arden and Gigi

Papa and his shadow Cash

A moment of silence that didn't last long!

Ella is telling Arden a secret

The Ard's