Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Memories In Quilts!!!

One of my most cherished times during Christmas was spending the afternoon at my cousin Perry's house for a "Quilt" drawing! :)  My sweet Aunt Janet lives in Maryland and while cleaning and organizing she came across 7 quilts that were HAND stitched by my great Grandma Furr.  I never knew Ma Furr, she was the mother of one of the finest ladies that ever walked this earth, my Granny!!!  That is not just my opionion either, that is the opinion of everyone that knew her, especially the ones that lived with her and those are the people that truly see the real "you". I believe I am telling the story correctly that when Aunt Janet and Uncle Frank lived in Japan, she would mail home scraps of fabric to Ma Furr and that is how these quilts came to be, which the story in itself makes these quilts EVEN MORE special!  As luck would have it, Aunt Janet has 7 nieces and she was kind enough to give each of us a quilt to cherish!!!  Not all of us were able to be there :-( but all were there in spirit.  I believe that I speak for all of us (Paula, Marty, Judy, Sophia, Jennifer, Joy and Julie) when I say how very much these quilts mean to us as well as the fact that they came from Aunt Janet whom we all love dearly!!  It was hard to choose and the general opinion was that we were so happy to be getting one that we did not care which one we got.  From the very bottom of my heart, Thank you Aunt Janet, I love you very much!!