Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~Cash the Comedian~

This is just a random post about some funny things that Cash has done recently that have made me double over laughing.....

~the other night Patrick and Cash went to Firehouse subs to get something to eat.  The kids meals there come with a plastic fireman hat.  While we were all at the table eating (Cash with his fireman hat on) our dog River found something more interesting and began to walk away from Cash's chair.  Cash looked at River and said "River get back over here, you're my firedog"! :)

~Sometimes Cash gets scared if it is dark down the hall and he does not want to walk in his room by himself.  I have been telling him how Jesus is always with us where ever we are and that he does not have to be afraid and that Jesus is even in his bedroom.  He seemed okay with that for a while but one night last week.  He came up to me and said "I need my bat from my room. I need you to come with me Mommy cause Jesus went bye bye"!!! :)

~I cut my finger cooking supper one evening and Cash said "Bless your heart mommy, you want me to kiss it?"

~February 12, 2010  Cash came in my room this morning trying to tell me something.  He got all tongue tied adn kept saying "what you what you what you what you...."  Finally I said "spit it out Cash".  He crinkled up his eyebrow and looked at me like I had 3 heads and said very sternly "I don't got nothing in my mouth Mama!" hahahaha.  What a good laugh to start the day off on!!!