Monday, December 13, 2010


Although I have plenty to catch up on this blog, these two funnies could not bare fall victim of my "mommy brain". 

Yesterday as told to me by my sweet friend Brandi West:  During Sunday School the 3 and 4 year olds are grouped together for a brief time to sing and hear a story.  Yesterday's story was about the birth of baby Jesus.  When the story teller asked the children if they knew why Mary wrapped Jesus in a cloth my sweet and very smart might I add, Cash answered proudly, "because the hay was a itchin him"! ha!

Now let me add that while we were in Nashville this past weekend(coming soon to a blog near you) Cash and I went to see the Rockette's.  At the end of the show they had a live nativity and told the story of Jesus' birth, it was beautiful!!!  Cash was very interested in it all and asked lots of questions and I told him that Mary would wrap baby Jesus in a cloth to keep him warm and to keep the hay from itching him!!  The boy listens!!!  :)

Another story that I must share so that Arden can look back at in years (many years) when she starts dating and realize that this started very early for her.  As we were leaving church yesterday we stopped to talk to our friends Clay and  Tracy Speights and their two children Sawyer and Charlie Kate.  Sawyer is about 6 and I was trying to get Arden to give him sweet eyes because she is so cute when she does it.  Out of no where for no apparent reason Cash slapped Arden on the top of the head.  Not a little tap but a hard slap!!  Being the tough little thing she is she just turned around and gave him the "dirty" look she does but she didn't cry.  On the way to the car I asked Cash why he hit his little sister on the head.  He very humbly replied, "because Mama I don't want Arden giving that little boy sweet eyes".  Ah I am looking forward to the teenage years! :)