Thursday, December 16, 2010

And these are the moments....

Being a mother is full of challenges, daily challenges.  Being a stay at home mother has even more challenges because you are basically with your children 24/7!  Now before I go any further I will add that being a stay at home mother is a blessing on so many levels to me.  I am grateful everyday that my children are my job, that God has blessed me with this opportunity, I relish in memories I make with them.  With all that being said, some days, my kids drive me nuts!  If this weren't a family friendly blog I may throw in some choice words here but I will refrain and let Cash be the one to use all the dirty words in the blog! lol.  Some days they fight, some days they are discontent with everything, some days they need something from me every 17 seconds etc.... I could go on but I want.  One great thing I can say about Cash and Arden is this, they passionately love each other.  They remind me so much of me and Jason growing up.  Alese and Cash they remind me a little of me and John.  That's another blog!  They always hug and kiss each other goodnight, they hold hands, they yearn for the other to wake up in the mornings.  Those are the moments that make my heart flutter!!  Earlier tonight I was busy cooking in and I heard Cash say from the living room, "Arden you want to come snuggle on the couch with me"? Arden, "yep".  Cash, "I love you sister", Arden, "i love you brother".  This I love you business went on for several minutes after that.  It made me really cry a little, it warmed my heart  as if God was telling me "relax, this is what it is all for"!  I am here to tell you that if I get just a little bit of that sweetness I can take the "he pushed me/she hit me" business a lot easier.  This really is what it is all about.  I have prayed and still pray that God will give them compassionate spirits for others, I love when I see little glimpses of that!  Praising God for all His goodness and thanking him for the good, the bad and the moments that take my breathe away! :)



So well said, Julie!! I agree with every word :)Thanks for sharing this.


Can I just say that made me cry because I feel you on EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THE POST!!!!! I swear somedays I want to run away but most I love all the sacrifices that I have to make to stay home with these boys. God is so good!