Sunday, December 26, 2010

Opryland in December....

this was a boat ride inside the hotel!

Arden, Faith Meng and Cash

Cash LOVED holding baby Faith

On the way with my date to see The Rockette's

Cash helping his Daddy accept his award. 

everything in the next few pictures is made entirely of ice

Cash was not afraid of the Winter Warlocke

Cash coming down the ICE slide


Had such a great visit with Tiffany and Charity

love this picture

breakfast with Kris Kringle

Before you get to "deep" into this blog I must note that I am not home, I am at the farm so therefore I have no pictures to download from our trip.  I actually have a few quiet moments and thought I would do a little blogging.  Mama is still sleeping off the "Christmas Day hangover" (Christmas at the farm is WILD, blog to come. and not wild as in a real hangover, ha) and Arden insisted on spending the night with Jason so it is just me and Cash right now. 

As I have blogged about before Nationwide has been very good to my family.  We have taken some really great trips to some really beautiful places that we otherwise may have never visited.  One place that we have visited often not because of Nationwide is Nashville.  We love Nashville!!  It's actually the first town that Master P and I visited together when we were dating because he was stationed in  Ft. Campbell,KY which is just a short drive from Nashville.  And as many of you know, we actually married there on December 31, 2004.  Patrick and I are not especially a romantic couple so it isn't for romantic reasons that I love Nashville, maybe it's because I love music so much, maybe it's because it really is a great, diverse town, maybe it's because one my dearest friends lives there, all I know is I do love it.  We use to go a couple of times of a year just because.  Now Master P is required to be there a lot because Nationwide hold a lot of meetings and events there and naturally me and the kids tag along! :)  I believe I went 4 or 5 times this past year and he got to go about 8 times(I don't take along ALL the time).  In all our years of traveling to the Music City I have never stayed at the Opryland Resort, I have always wanted to but we just never have.  Nationwide has always put us up downtown so when I found out that our latest trip would be at Opryland to say I was excited was an understatement!!!  Especially since I am a huge lover of all things Christmas and it is a common known fact that Opryland is the place to visit at Christmas time.  They start putting up their lights in July!! WHOA!! :)  It was everything I imagined it would be, beautiful lights and trees everywhere, it was beautiful, it was magical and we loved being there!!  Another really special thing about this visit was the fact that my two cousins Tiffany and Charity came and spent and evening with us.  Tiffany, her husband Benji and their girls Maggie and Olivia moved to Murfreesboro recently and Charity and her family live in Bowling Green so she and her daughter Megan came to.  It was so special to have them there, we had to best visit and I can't wait to see them again hopefully on our next visit in February. :)  We also went to visit my dear friend Bridgett and new sweet little baby girl Faith! Cash and Arden were pretty wild and so we cut that visit short in order for Faith to have her nap and  for Bridgett to keep from going insane with my wild crew! ha. 

The kids have always been really good travelers and for that we are thankful because we drag them everywhere but for some strange reason they have recently started NOT napping on road trips.  We drove the entire 6+ hour trip to Nashville and Arden never closed her eyes, instead she bossed me around, "my paci, my cup, my book, my blankie etc......"  Cash has always done the bossing, now  I have two kids bossing me around.  Next trip we may have to slip them something in their juice! :) ha  Pictures to come as soon as I get home!