Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gender Confusion

As you all know, I have always kept Cash's hair on the long side.  I like it and quite honestly don't really care what anyone else thinks.  What? Does that shock you? :)  His hair, up until about three months ago has always been rings of curls but now is more of a wave, the rings are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  We may see them again later in life.  My hair was straight as a board until I was a teenager then I went through puberty and BAM!! Boobs and curls!!  All at once, it was awkward and I had no idea what to do with either.  Luckily I soon figured it out. :))  So maybe his beautiful curls will come back when he starts shaving. 

In saying all that, he has been mistaken for a girl many, many times.  It doesn't bother me.  If I dressed him in questionable, smocked girly clothes I may then take a little offense to this but because he is dressed with a band t-shirt, vintage jeans and Chuck Taylor shoes most days it gives me a good laugh at the person who is referring to him as "her".  Really??!!!  I always laugh when Cash very casually says "I'm a boy", it doesn't bother him either. Yet anyway. 

When we were in Nashville something weird happened and when I tell you it happened  not once but THREE times in a half hour period I am NOT exaggerating the story.  Arden Caroline and  I took a little stroll through the resort, she as always (this is not me bragging) looked adorable in a super cute one piece brown long john.  It had pink ruffles sewn at the ankle and the cutest super size PINK hoot owl on the front of it.  Three different people called her a boy! WHAT!!  It was has if they were running around the resort telling others "there is a super cute little girl coming this way but her long john is brown so call her a boy, OK".   I was baffled.  I mean calling Cash a girl is okay because A. he has(d) long curly hair which from behind and from behind only, can be misleading and B. you are a complete moron if you call him a girl and you are looking at him from the front.  BUT to call my sweet baby girl a boy, how dare you!!!!  She has a girl face, beautiful girl lips and where do you people come from.  I guess wherever you come from, the mama's dress the boys like girls and it confuses you.  When people call Cash a girl I just casually say "she's a he" but when they called Arden a boy I very aggressively let them know "she is NOT a boy"!!!  Seriously people.   And did I mention she was wearing a bow? No joke, you can't make this stuff up.

This is what she had on! No joke!