Sunday, December 26, 2010

Farm Fun and Corporal Punishment

So you think this is a funny title huh?  Well then you weren't raised on a farm, the two go hand in hand!  :)  Actually the first part of this blog is about farm fun, the second is about the latter.

Santa brought Cash a 4-wheeler for Christmas and today he insisted on riding it.  Never mind you could spit and it would freeze, there were snow flurries in the air and the kid did not care, so off he goes.  After hours of being outside on the 4-wheeler I went outside to see if I could hear any evidence that he was still alive.  About that time my cousin Jim comes driving up, gets out of his truck laughing so hard and telling me to "come here".  What he is pointing out to me was hysterical.  Let me add that earlier Cash also insisted that his toolbox and tools that his Papa gave him for Christmas (not toy tools either people, the kid will be my new handyman) be tied onto the 4-wheeler so he could take them everywhere with him.  Being the skilled mama that i am I went in search for a tie down and strapped that tool box on his front rack.  Whew, that tie down saved him from walking later!!  Now, what Jim was pointing to was Malaine pulling Cash's 4-wheeler back from the dairy barn because the battery finally died on him.  Jim offered to load it up in his truck and bring them home but Cash said "nah, Malaine's got it". And she did, that sweet girl, she pulled that 4-wheeler all the way back home while Cash man sat on it!!

About that corporal punishment.....this isn't a blog of debates, feel free to have your opinion about this and feel free not to argue with mine :).  I am a spanker, when necessary.  I don't spank for every little thing but I believe that sometimes a good ole spanking is in fact the right answer.  Tonight was the "sometimes".  Cash and all of his cousins were running around playing, literally running and my Lord they were so loud.  Absolutely driving me nuts, my daddy will say it is music to his ears and I will tell you that ole Pat Ard must be going deaf!  So in all the craziness Cash was super excited and he tends to get a lot of attention because he is the only boy and he tends to like this!  Tonight for some strange reason while all the kids were playing in my old room he decides to take a leak on the floor!!!!!!  WHAT??!!  REALLY!!??  I was shocked when ALL the girls came running out of the bedroom tattling and sure as I sit here, I found the evidence all over the floor.  I had no choice, this behavior, funny as it will be later, must be dealt with so that is where the corporal punishment came in.  Ah, life on the farm is never dull!!!