Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arden's First Halloween

We celebrated Arden's first Halloween with some friends of Patrick's from highschool.  They live just up the street in another subdivision and all the kids had a great time!!!  It started with a hayride, not just any old hayride either I may add.  It was a rather large trailer decorated with flashing Halloween lights all around the top, complete with a well stocked cooler for the kids and parents alike! :)  It took Cash a while to warm up because I had to wake him up from a nap to leave but he had a great time trick or treating and said "thank you" to everyone that gave him candy!!  He was a fireman, a fire chief to be exact and Arden Caroline was a flower.  The most adorable flower you have ever seen!  Alese spent the evening with her family in Sumrall but hopefully I can get some pics of her to share too.  After the hayride(the very long hayride) we went back for gumbo, burgers, chicken wings and all the sweets your tummy could handle.  Did I mention white chocolate bread pudding??? Um, yeah!!! :)  Good stuff, thanks to Michael McElroy!  Earlier today Cash, Arden and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to have lunch and catch the first half of the Southern Miss game and Cash insisted on wearing his costume.  He was so cute and fit right in with all the staff dressed up.  When we were heading home we saw a firetruck at Lenny's so we stopped and got out for a picture session! :)  Ha, for those of you that know me, you know I am never without my camera.  While Cash was getting his picture made the firemen came out and let him get inside the truck and have his picture made.  He was so excited, I was more excited!  Thanks Mr. Firemen, you made a little firemen's day better!! :)  Now, if only we can get through the next few days with all this candy..........