Friday, November 6, 2009

God is our Protector

I have held on to this for a couple of days not sure if I wanted to share it or not and after having a little time to process it and to praise our Lord for His wonderful protection, I feel it should be shared.  For those of you that know me well you know a few little useless facts about me.  I am emotional, sentimental, adore my children and I love music.  These "useless facts" all have a place in this blog so bear with me please!  Some of my cherished belongings are those that belonged to my grandparents.  I have an old sewing maching, my granny's thimble, a knife that was Pappy's, etc.....I have often thought to myself if my house ever caught on fire what would I grab (obviously besides my children) because some of these beloved "treasures" can not be replaced.  My Pappy's house burned down (his 2nd house fire in his long life) in 1998 and sometimes I think about something that belonged to my grandmother that I wish someone had.  Something happened here this week that had me so emotionally shaken that the sentimental part of me seemed so unimportant and worthless.  It was Wednesday and Cash had just finished lunch and Arden was in her chair finishing hers.  We were moving in the direction of nap time but while I cleaned up the table Cash was riding his tricycle around the house.  All of a sudden I heard what sounded like something being moved across the floor and as I turned around to see what it was my heart fell to my stomach!  It actually seemed to be happening slow but I had to act fast.  What I, as well as Cash, was seeing was the top hutch part of my Pappy's china cabinet sliding slowly off to the floor.  Cash was on his tricycle RIGHT in front of it.  I was almost within arms reach of him so I quickly stretched out and grabbed the front of his tricycle.  I realized that I was about out of time so I got on the floor and put my hands over his head.  The fact that I was about to loose a lot of very sentimental "possessions" had already left my mind and was not important anymore.  I remember saying Lord please protect my son.  As the hutch finally came to a stop I was so shaken I could not move.  My counter, that a few years ago was not even there(we remodeled) had stopped this big, heavy hutch from falling on top of Cash.  The counter stopped it from completely hitting the floor?  No not exactly, God's hand stopped it from hitting the floor which would have fallen on us.  As it stopped and Cash and I were underneath one side of it, all of my grandmother's crystal came flying out of the doors and glass began shattering everywhere, including on our heads!!  I consider myself a calm person, especially when it comes to being calm for my kids and although I was not "freaking" out I was visibly shaken and literally shaking.  Cash and I both were crying.  We stood up and shook glass out of our heads and hair and immediately began praising God our Protector!!!!  It was nothing but a "God thing" and no one can fully understand the reality of what happened here Wednesday.  Maybe my neighbor and his friend because they were sweet enough to help me get the china cabinet out of the house.  It took me over 4 hours to get the mess cleaned up and I never once felt sad about loosing my precious possesions.  All I could do was say over and over thank you Jesus.  I have 8 pieces of my grandmother's crystal that did not break, I praise Jesus for those 8 pieces.  I have a bowl that my great Uncle Hollis gave me, it belonged to my great grandmother, it has not a scratch on it and there were a few other pieces that I am thankful for.  Every time I look at them I will be reminded of what God did, of what is really important in life.  My children are my life, they are the greatest gift God could ever loan me and I cherish them all the time, even the hissy fits! ha. Arden could have been crawling around and been in harms way but she was being a little piggie and was still eating,  this could have been so much worse but it wasn't and I am thankful!!   Mercy Me is one of my favorite groups and they have a song that ran through my head as I was cleaning glass up and I kept singing it in praise.  All that is within me cries, For You alone be glorified: Emmanuel, God with us.  Lord, You know--- our hearts don't deserve Your glory; Still You show--- a love we cannot afford.  Like hinges straining from the weight, my heart no longer can keep from singing.  All that is within me cries for You alone be glorified:  Emmanuel, God with us!   He showed Himself to me Wednesday in a very powerful way.  I praise God for our protection, for only a bruise on my hip, for not a scratch on Cash and for the "sentimental possesions" that survived the "storm"!  God is our Protector!

I need to add that the reason the china cabinet fell is because the leg was broken and we did not know it.  It finally just gave out.  You can see it in the first picture.  Sorry I did not make that clear! :)