Monday, November 9, 2009

Stitches Are Out!!

Cash got his stitches out on Friday afternoon.  God Bless Dr. Richardson for suffering through that!  He was quite the trooper while they were being put in but Dr. Patterson did prepare me for the fact that removal would not be so easy! He was right!!  We have been advised to take him to a plastic surgeon and have them take a look at it to be sure it is healing well and properly since it was such a bad cut.  I will be taking him this week sometime. 

Alese, Cash and Arden went to the farm for the weekend with their Papa and Gigi, I am pretty sure they would live there permantly if I would let them, at least Cash would I know.  He always comes home stinking like a farm hand and yesterday was NO exception.  In fact I usually put extra soap in the wash and rinse twice! Ha!  I have experience in this department from washing my daddy's and brothers clothes growing up.  When I asked Cash about all he did he gave me the run down as he usually does.  They "ride tractors, feed cows, drive the truck, fix stuff at the barn and Papa give jason's horse a shot!"  I asked him if saw Mr. Shelton and his response was so sweet, "yeah, I love him".  Mr.  Shelton has worked for my dad for a hundred years and he and his family are just part of the family. 

Today while running a few errands Cash asked me where River (the dog) was at.  I told him that River was at the vet getting his stitches out.  A few minutes later he said "we got lot of bo bo's.  I got stitches, River got stitches, Papa got bobo on his arm, Daddy got bobo on his arm and baby got bobo on her nose."  How observant of him!!!!

Well I must end for now...I am about to go start baking cupcakes for Arden to have for her birthday breakfast.  It is tradition here that I bake cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing for breakfast on birthday's!  Alese is with her mom this week so we will drop her one off at school to have for snack so she won't be left out.  I am realllllly dreading my baby turning 1.  Where does the time go that God has blessed me with??  Love to all of you.