Monday, November 2, 2009

With a Name like Cash....

You have to expect a scar somewhere on the face, right?  Good thing because Cash officially got his first set of "accident" stitches today.  He has stitches in his eye when he was a baby from surgery but this morning bright and early, 6:30 to be exact he fell and hit his lip just right on the footboard of my bed.  Now up until this morning I have always said that he bounces when he falls, this morning, not so much bouncing going on but a whole lot of bleeding.  It was quite disgusting and as soon as he looked up at me I said "okay buddy you are gonna have to get some stitches in that let me get my clothes on."  He really was bleeding bad so since we only live 2 blocks from the hospital I let him ride in the front seat with me.  It was cold outside so I turned on his seat warmer and buckled him in.   When we approached the hospital he said "I not go in there Mommy, I don't want to go in the hospital Mommy".  I told him that the doctors worked in the hospital and that the hospital is where the doctors took him and baby out of my tummy and they were nice and helped people.  He seemed okay with that.  When we got in the "trauma" room he told the nurse "I got nother(another) teeth".  She thought he had hurt his teeth and kept trying to figure out what he was talking about and at that point so was I.  When Dr. Patterson came in he told him the same thing "I got nother teeth".  Then it hit me, he had some plastic orange teeth he got for Halloween.  I have no idea what made him think of them at that exact moment but it was funny just the same.  He was a trooper throughout the experience.  He never cried until the very last stitch, he laid very still and he even belted out a big chuckle when I started talking to him about River (our dog) having stitches too and having to wear a blue "sock" on his foot.  He looks pretty yuck, he has a fat lip for sure but he has been mastering drinking and eating out of the side of his mouth pretty well.  The part he remembers the most is that he got to ride in the front seat.  I told him that was a secret but he sure keeps telling it! :) ha ha!!