Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Babies and Big Kids

I love my children more than anything I could have imagined.  Up until a couple of months ago they have needed me for everything which I have never minded but often found myself thinking "it will be nice when one of them can dress them self, brush their own teeth etc..."  I also must add that I savor time, I really do, I don't want to rush it so even though I think those things I am no more ready for them than I am for Cash to start Kindergarten next year (counseling coming this time next year, ha).  A couple of months ago Cash started waking every now and then and dressing himself, he would come out of his room so proud and excited that he had dressed himself.  Then he started wanting to put his own pj's on at night and now he puts his pj's on every night and dresses himself for school every day that he has it.  I will admit it helps me for him to dress himself but sometimes it makes me sad.   Luckily every few days or nights he asks me to do it for him.  Because of his new independence Arden has decided to do the same thing, she puts her pj's on every night too but she makes me leave the room and refuses help.  She runs out of her room every night "TA DA" grinning from ear to ear, her pj's on backwards, every single time! She has never put them on right, I never say a word but I do wonder, "does this mean she will be dyslexic"? ha.  The biggest moment was about a month ago when we were all outside cleaning out my truck and they started getting hungry.  I told them I was going to finish in the car and then fix us all a turkey sandwich.  Not much time had passed when I came inside and found that my baby, my little man Cash had pulled everything out and had made three turkey and cheese sandwiches for himself, Arden and me.  I cried!