Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oaisis of the Seas

Luckily I made a few notes and took a lot of pictures on our cruise this summer since I am so late in blogging about it. Patrick works so hard all the time and he won us this amazing vacations this summer.  A seven night cruise on the largest cruise ship on the ocean, The Oasis of the Seas.  We decided that we would leave Arden behind since she is only two so we only took Alese and Cash.  Patrick's parents also went, their last Nationwide trip, they went out with a bang!  We had the friendliest staff on the ship, every where you went the people were all above and beyond hospitable!  

One night at supper I had escargot.  I have had it before, actually the first time I ever did have them was on a cruise years ago.  I knew Cash would try them, he is every bit my child when it comes to trying foods! He loved them, in fact he asked for them again the next night even though they were not on the menu.  Our super awesome waiter made the request to the chef who was so impressed with a 4 year old requesting escargot that me made some for him! :)

One day while we were walking around on the ship we stumbled on the casino, Cash quickly looked inside and said "whoa, I hope Nana and Papa don't find that place"! ha! To late Cash, to late! :)

Here are some of pictures: