Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Farm Fun....Mother's Day

So it is really hitting me as I look back at old pictures just how far behind I am! Wow, Mother's Day!!  We spent Mothers day worship at Providence with my family, then for a visit with MawMaw and back to the farm for some country living fun!!!  I can't get enough of it honestly and neither can my children!  MawMaw was very happy to see all her "greats" and I was happy to snap a few pictures of some beautiful faces!

Malaine, Arden, Mallory, Mama, MawMaw and Madilyn Mother's Day 2010

Mama, Julie, Malaine and Arden

This would be me and Malaine being silly!
More silliness, Arden is not sure about it! :)
Me and Mallory Brooke goofing around
My sweet Malaine!
I love this picture of Papa and Arden out by the pond
Such a cute picture of Arden cheking out the baby fish Master P caught
Arden says she is not sure she is gonna touch that fish
Uncle Jason is always dishing out some fun! Giving a rdie to Ella, Madi, Cash and Mallory
Pretty girls Ella and Madilyn
i love the expression on Arden's face here!
Wow Mama!! Big catch, you gonna fry that one up for supper!?
Madi tried her hardest to catch that duck!
Master P thought he would lay down for a minute but Mallory and Arden had other ideas
The innocence of being a child! Ella and Mallory playing!!

Even a herd of cows doesn't make Mama flinch! She is serious about her fishing!