Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cash's "Official, Professional" Haircut

So  most of you know that I am a licensed cosmetologist and although I don't practice anymore I have always kept my license current.  And I always will if no other reason than to buy products at the supply house.  So in telling you all that (so you can all start calling me to purchase your salon brand products, ha) I have always cut Master P's hair along with the kiddo's, or should I say those with enough hair to cut.  Cash started out with "wings", remember when a baby finally starts getting hair but it is horrible, scraggly looking?  Yep, you know what I mean, no hair in places, long "wings" in other places!?  I always cut Cash and Arden's off.  Speaking of poor sweet Arden, I have cut on her a few times to even it up but the poor baby still at 2 has very little hair.  She can barely keep an alligator clip bow in her hair but we still clip one in.  I am the mama that always said I would never be a bow mama and I am hear to admit, "My Name is Julie and I am a proud bow Mama".  So back to the point.  Cash has pretty much since he got hair had very curly hair.  Rings of curls and I have always cut his hair but in the last 3 or 4 months it has become less and less curly and more and more wavy and I have not been able to give him a style that I really like.  I decided to take him to my hairdresser and let her get a pattern going for me so that I can cut from here on out.  I got a little lip from some of you about "why are you taking him, you are perfectly capable of cutting his hair"? but hey, I honestly am not real worried about what everyone thinks! ha  So I took him and he loved it and now when it is time for another cut he may not want me to do it! ha ha.  Thanks Shasta for helping me out!!  Cash loved sitting up in that big chair!



Oh my goodness! I know this was such a big deal for you :( He looks great tho. He is such a handsome little boy!


He looks like such a big boy! So cute! I finally trimmed the end off Amelia's little mullet last night. I knew it needed to be done, but I was just hanging onto that length! I hated to lose even a little curl off her head, ha.