Monday, January 10, 2011

The "Oh Crap Cleanup"

So I just finished with the "oh crap cleanup"!! If you are wondering just what the heck that is then let me explain!  The "oh crap cleanup" is something that occurs in my house every single evening between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:00pm.  This is usually the general hours that Master P comes home from work, sometimes later, rarely earlier so "oh crap" hardly ever kicks in before 6:30.  Now all you parents of young children know these hours are usually ear marked for supper, bath, etc..... it is nearly impossible to throw in something extra but here at the James house I have managed to manage the extra "oh crap cleanup".  It is crucial to peaceful living so therefore it HAS to fit into the "schedule".  This is when I walk into the living room and for the first time since we woke up I realize that it looks like a BOMB was thrown in and that is very unlikely anyone survived!! OH CRAP, I better get this mess cleaned up STAT before Master P comes home and either flips his lid or falls and breaks his neck on one of the hundreds of pieces of debris from the earlier explosion!!!  This is when I break out the laundry baskets and start sorting the madness by whose room it goes to.  Whew!! Somehow I always (usually) manage to pull it off, sometimes barely but it gets done.  Master P must think I am the just the best little housewife alive! hahahahahahahaha..........  OH Crap he is home.....................