Monday, January 17, 2011

Cash Turns 4 on the Farm

My baby boy turned 4 on January 6 and bless his little heart I had to pick him up early from preschool because he wasn't feeling good.  It only took a few hours until the little guy was for sure sick!  He had a combo; flu/stomach bug! I know, jealous!! ha   It was tough on him because the stomach bug hung out for 7 solid days.  We had to reschedule his birthday party because of this and we finally got to have it this past weekend, the 15th at Papa and Gigi's farm.  I must admit (and brag if I may since this is my blog) it was the best birthday party by far that we have done.  Tons of fun, it lasted about 5 hours if that tells you how fun it was.  A very special thank you to Papa, Gigi and Jason for helping it to be such a big hit for everyone!

We started by grubbing out on home made chili, hot dogs, rotel, corn dip, tractor cookies from Janie's Pastry (man I miss that place), Shrimp and Crab Bisque and celery with home made pimiento cheese (Cash's request).  By the looks of it, we had a small, tasty feast (none of which I can eat, that's another depressing blog entry) and then Cash opened all of his wonderful gifts!!  Then we were on to the cake!  Even though I was not supposed to have any of this, I did.  I can never turn down a chocolate cake from Tara's Cakes!  It was beautiful and as always delicious.  Cash had "magic" candles to blow out, it took about five times so I am sure that everyone enjoyed the "extra sweetness" from all the spit he  spewed on top of the cake! :)!

Then came the farm festivities!  We started off with a chilly hay ride around the "block" then back to the house to roast marshmallows and warm up.  Everyone enjoyed the marshmallows that were slung in their hair, on their jackets etc.... It was an eventful marshmallow roast and after we all got our tummies full we headed to the barn to feed the baby calves.  About this time is when my cousin Shane showed  up with another present for Cash.  The only difference in this present was the fact that it had a heartbeat!!! Shane raises rabbits and he brought Cash a lion head rabbit for his present.  Cash named him Tipsy and fell in love with him right away.  I am looking forward to seeing who gets the responsibility of taking care of Tipsy! :)  Ha I am gonna go out on a limb and say it will be me! :) 

The party was so much fun, a special thanks to everyone that made the trip out to the farm to celebrate with us!!!

I will mention here that I love traditions, I love starting traditions with my children.  Every year on their birthday since Cash's first birthday I write them a birthday letter.  Of course I know they can't read but I write it just the same.  I put them up in their baby books for them to have and hopefully cherish one day when they are older.  I also wanted to start a collection for them, something that I could do for them that would special because it was just between me and them.  I knew when Cash was very little that I wanted to start him a collection of pocket knives.  He loves them and wishes he could play with them now but of course I have them put up for safe keeping.  So far I have only given him "Case" knives because there is a wonderful knife shop in Purvis that carries TONS of Case knives so that is what we always end up with.  Being that Cash loves the farm so much I have a feeling that he will get plenty of use out his knives one day! :)



I have to agree... this was an awesome party! And 4 years old?? This is so sad! I love the letter idea. That is priceless, and they will treasure them one day :) Love the pictures too.