Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All in a Day's Work....

This is how our morning started:  Cash wakes up (again) groaning with stomach pains and running to the bathroom.  Just as I predicted from last night's post, more turds!!  As he is doing his business with me on the stool in my assumed position I hear Arden calling from her crib, "mama I'm awake".  So I told Cash that I was going to get Arden, change her diaper and I would be back.  Cool!  Not so cool!  Just as I am getting Arden stripped down totally naked Cash starts yelling, "mama come back in here I need you"  Not wanting to leave either of them unattended in their current situations I had a choice to make.  Of course I made the stupid one.  I decided that since he was the one with pain I should leave sweet little sugar plum and go see about him.  I told her not to leave from where she was.  She didn't, smart girl, she just peed right where she was!!  GOOD MORNING from the James house!  :)

Some interesting things that happened around here today:

Arden announced that she pooped (or pooted, I wasn't sure what she said) and I was busy cooking supper.  When I looked over the counter Cash was saying "come here Arden let me see" as he was trying his hardest to pull her pants and diaper back so he could look down.  Finally he says "I don't see anything, let me smell you" as he takes a whiff of her little booty!!  "it's all clear mama"!!! hahahahahaha

Seems my last two posts have been about gross, bodily functions, which frightens me that this is what my life has come to.  I will try to not post any more about turds for at least two or three days.  What can I say I live a glamorous life.